Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Tickets—Ikebukuro, Tokyo


Enjoy a unique experience with fabulous views of the Tokyo metropolitan area and beyond from the top of Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. After your journey through Sky Circus, take a break at Café Quu Quu Quu or pick up souvenirs at Sky Circus Shop.


  • Take in exceptional views of the Tokyo metropolitan area and beyond from the top of Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro
  • Enjoy seven themed zones designed to stimulate all your senses
  • Experience virtual reality, including 4D and interactive CG animation
  • Relish delicious beverages and tasty treats at Café Quu Quu Quu
  • Hunt for souvenirs high above the streets of Tokyo at Sky Circus Shop

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Important Information

- VR experiences require additional per use fees: Tokyo Bullet Flight (600 JPY) Swing Coaster (400 JPY) Sky Escape: The Acrophobia Experience (500 JPY) - This voucher is valid for up to 180 days from your booking date - This voucher is not valid between December 31–January 2 - Children aged under 3 can be admitted for free


Enjoy Tokyo from new heights with a visit to the city's most unique observation deck, that has been redesigned to entertain and stimulate the senses, as well as provide some of the world's greatest views. Much more than just an observation deck providing 360-degree views of Tokyo and the surrounding regions, Sky Circus is truly an indoor amusement center, delivering a fun and stimulating environment for people of all ages, from very young children to couples, through seven themed zones. Almost like stepping into an alternate reality, you'll enter the world of Sky Circus through the first themed zone, Circus Tent, which serves as a threshold for the experiences to come. From Circus Tent, you will enter Tenku 251 where you will enjoy commanding views of the Tokyo metropolitan area from an impressive elevation of 251 meters above sea level. From the stunning views outside, turn your eyes inward as your journey brings you to the next zone, the aptly named Kaleido Scape. In Kaleido Scape, you may feel as if you've been transported into a life-sized kaleidoscope, where mirrored walls and ceilings and colorful lights and decorations create a delightful ambiance. Kaleido Scape can be like a wonderland for children or a more romantic atmosphere for couples. As you find your way to Cross Sky Bridge, you will find a zone that features some the latest in virtual reality, or VR entertainment technology. Here you can experience the world in 4D through the zone's unique experiences. Please note that the virtual reality (VR) experiences, Tokyo Bullet Flight, Swing Coaster, and Sky Escape: The Acrophobia Experience, require additional per-use fees. In Sky Party Area, you can experience creating weather. This is a particularly great experience for those small children always seeking opportunities to take command over their environment. Here, anyone can feel as if they are in control of the earth's weather. Your Sky Circus admission ticket also provides access to the last two themed zones: Café Quu Quu Quu and Sky Circus Shop. Relax and enjoy the view while enjoying delicious beverages or tasty treats at Café Quu Quu Quu. Before you end your day at Sky Circus, be sure to pick up souvenirs for friends or family back home at Sky Circus Shop. Sky Circus VR Experiences Considered the centerpieces of the new Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory experience, Tokyo Bullet Flight, Swing Coaster, and Sky Escape: The Acrophobia Experience all employ the HTC Vive, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality system delivering the most cutting-edge technology available. Mounting each experience, you simply need to put on a pair of VR goggles to be instantly transported into a world of CG animation. While your mind enters a computer-generated dream world, your body remains in this world providing real sensory inputs such as wind and dynamic movements. These attractions provide a new class of 4D entertainment in the true sense of the term, offering thrilling, hyper-realistic sensations of moving through virtual space at extreme velocities. Simply put, these attractions provide experiences that go far beyond what most people can even imagine based on previous experiences. Tokyo Bullet Flight Hurtle through the sky like a human projectile. Feel the thundering blast and wind against your bod on this ride that allows you to experience the sensation of flying through the sky. Swing Coaster This swing-style roller coaster simulates speeding through the skies of Ikebukuro, making you’ll feel as if you’re riding an actual roller coaster. Four people can experience different courses at the same time on this ride that also switches between day or night mode depending on the time of use. Sky Escape: The Acrophobia Experience Experience exhilarating gun action at great heights. Take the elevator to the roof of the building. From here, you can see all of Ikebukuro, as you shoot the bad guys using the gun controller and board a helicopter to escape.

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