Enjoy the Heritage of Nikko with 2 or 4 Day Pass in Tochigi


Sometimes transportation can disturb the excitement of a trip in both money and time. The 2-day Nikko pass is a great solution. Unlimited transportation will be available for both bus and train, so you won't have any worries on your trip.


  • Unlimited transportation will be available.
  • It will cover all the famous spots that you will want to visit.
  • You will receive a discount for certain tourism facilities and souvenir shops.

Key Information

Important Information

• The passes include a round trip ticket between your boarding station and Shimo-imaichi Station, unlimited train and bus rides in designated areas, special offers at participating facilities and stores in Asakusa, Nikko and Kinugawa areas, and discounts for limited express tickets • You must exchange your confirmation email with QR code into a physical ticket. Please bring your passport when you do the exchange. Ticket exchange locations: 1. TOBU Tourist Information Center Asakusa (Opens 7:20-19:00) 2. TOBU Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro (Opens 8:00-18:00) • The 2-Day World Heritage Area Pass can be exchanged for and used anytime within 90 days after purchase • The 4-Day All Area Pass can be exchanged for and used anytime until November 27, 2021 • The pass can only be redeemed 1 month before at the earliest • The pass is free for children aged 6 and below • A limited express ticket needs to be purchased separately to take an express train • Passengers taking the Steam Locomotive "Taiju" need to purchase a reserved seat ticket • Admission to shrines and temples in Nikko or Tobu World Square is not included


Nikko is a great place for tourism so you will surely need plenty of time to enjoy it. Nikko is a World Heritage site full of nature, foods and more. This 2-day all-you-can-ride ticket for rail and bus will offer you great flexibility to enjoy those sights at your convenience. This ticket is limited in area, but unlimited for times you can use it over a 3-day period. There is also a 4-day pass available! Additionally, you will receive a discount for certain tourism facilities and souvenir shops in Asakusa, Nikko, and Kinugawa by using this ticket. There ticket is easy to use: you just need to show it at a station, to drivers, or in shops. But please do not use this ticket in the automated ticket gates placed in station. In addition, the laminated express is not supported. Now that you have no worries about your transportation expenses, and no time loss for buying the ticket every time you use transportation, you can just think about having fun in Nikko!

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