Akihabara Tour for Anime, Manga. Try cosplay!


Akihabara is well known as a mecca for anime, manga and cosplay. This tour will not only give you a chance to see but also a chance to experience the Akihabara culture first hand with cosplay.


  • This tour will cover quite a bit of ground for its time.
  • Visit Maid cafe and enjoy conversation with maids if you want.
  • You will have a chance to try on cosplay costumes for a great photo opportunity.This tour will also show you where the top shops for Akihabara's anime, manga, electronic gadgets and ramen are. However, if there is anything special you want to purchase in Japan such as you cameras,video games, anime items you can request it in this tour. Make the most of your time in Akihabara with this tour.

Key Information

Important Information

●Meeting point: JR Akihabara Station, Electric Town Gate outside ticket gate Akihabara station is very big. If you go out from other gate, it will take extra 10 min to get the electric town gate. Please check the gate before going down from your train platform.


What are you interested in AKIHABARA? Please chose what do you want to see and you will get a customized tour of your desired locations! Costume play (name of your favorite character/s) Photo stickers, PURIKURA with Costume play (make your original) Gundam cafe Anime (what are your favorite anime?) Manga (what manga do you like?) Electronic gadgets (what items are you interested in finding?) Games (what video games do you enjoy?) Figures (name of your favorite figures) Maid Cafe Railway model making Beautiful girl in two dimensions Air guns ●Cost: Included only guide fee. Admission fee and meals are not included. Please pay for host's meals and admission fee during the tour, if you need. ●Tour days and time: Monday to Friday Starting time is 5:30pm ●Meeting point JR Akihabara Station, Electric Town Gate outside ticket gate ●The duration of this tour 2h If you have any questions or would like further information for my tours, please send a message.

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