Visit the Bise-no-Warumi Power Spot in Okinawa by SUP


Visit Bise-no-Warumi, the secluded sacred site on Okinawa’s Motobu Peninsula. Accessible only by sea, let us take you by stand-up paddleboard to the “power spot” where Okinawa’s gods came down to earth.


  • Visit the famous power spot Bise-no-Warumi!
  • Perfect for families, our tour welcomes everyone aged 2 and older
  • Add on snorkeling for a complete ocean adventure!

Key Information

Important Information

• Please contact us if your child is aged 2–3 • Snorkeling is available as an add-on for ages 6 and above • Toilets and showers are available at a separate facility 5 minutes’ walk away (there may be a fee for use) • There is no parking at the venue, but both paid and free parking lots are within 5 minutes’ walk - Participants must be aged 2 or older


Join us and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Bise, on an amazing stand-up paddleboard (SUP) trip to Bise-no-Warumi! We offer many great marine activities to help you enjoy the sea around Bise Village. Our professional local staff are waiting to guide you around these beautiful shores. Beginners and children are equally welcome, and can be sure of the utmost care and hospitality to ensure they enjoy Okinawa’s waters to the fullest. Bise-no-Warumi is said to be the place where the gods of Okinawa descended from heaven. As such, it’s well known as a “power spot” — a place thought to have special energy with beneficial effects for those who visit. The only way to access this secluded shore is by sea, so join this tour to visit by SUP for exclusive access to this magical place. For extra ocean fun, you can also add on a snorkeling experience to explore the undersea world of the Motobu Peninsula!

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