Walk & Cycle the Old Nakasendo Road: Magome & Ena Gorge


Discover the traditional spirit of the historical Nakasendo road by strolling around the preserved old post town of Magome and a cycling adventure around Ena Gorge and Oi Dam! In addition, make your own ukiyoe woodblock print!


  • Walk and cycle on the old Nakasendo road in a time trip back to the Edo period
  • Discover the charming historical post town of Magome
  • Cycle around splendid Ena Gorge and see the stunning Oi Dam
  • Visit traditional old houses as well as one of Japan's best ukiyoe museums
  • Make your own ukiyoe wood block print

Key Information


The south-east part of Gifu prefecture is rich in historical heritage sites and stunning natural scenery. The neighbouring Ena and Nakatsugawa cities share a considerable part of the old Nakasendo Road which used to connect Tokyo with Kyoto during the Edo period (17-19th century). The road winds along forested hills and beautiful river gorges and is well preserved even today. Modern day travellers can experience a real time trip by visiting the historical facilities along Nakasendo Road while enjoying the wonderful scenery in all four seasons. In this one day tour you will discover part of the Nakasendo road by strolling around the preserved post town of Magome and cycle around Oi Dam and Oi-juku. You will also have the chance to learn more about Japan's medieval history and culture, as well as to visit some stunning natural spots in Japan's countryside. This is the itinerary of the tour: Self-guided morning 10:00 am: Nakatsugawa Station (recommended train from Nagoya Station: 8:35 am local train on JR Chuo Line or 9:00 am limited express train Wide View Shinano) 10:15 am: Local bus from Nakatsugawa Station to Magome 10:40 am: Arrive at the old post town Magome, one of the stops on the Nakasendo road. Stroll the preserved stone walkways of the town and discover plenty of authentic traditional houses, small ethnographic museums and even a charming water mill. Magome's highlights are the Honjin and Wakihonjin inns (where high-level officials used to stay overnight) as well as the museum of Japan's famous writer who was born in Magome and described life in the old town in his iconic work "Yoakemae". Have lunch in one of the pleasant little restaurants. The local soba noodles are highly recommended. 12:45 pm: Local bus from Magone to Nakatsugawa Station 13:20 pm: Local train from Nakatsugawa to Ena Station 13:31 pm: Arrive at Ena Station Guided afternoon 13:30 pm: Start of the guided cycling tour. Visit the Hiroshige Museum of Art, one of the best ukiyoe woodblock print art museums in Japan and experience the woodblock printing yourself! Next, cycle on the Nakasendo towards the Oi-juku inn, the 46th post station of the road. Visit the well-preserved Hishiya merchant house that has been turned into a cultural asset of Ena city. Cycle along the Agi River's rapid stream towards the city's iconic scenic spot Oi Dam. It was the first dam built on the Kiso River in 1924 by the famous engineer Momosuke Fukuzawa. See the wonderful scenery of serenity from the Sazanami Park, known for its cherry blossom trees and wisterias. On the way back, stop by the "Gin no Mori" restaurant and shopping complex to buy some of Ena city's famous local sweets as a souvenir. 16:00-16:30 pm: End of tour at Ena Station. Enjoy the beauty of Ena Gorge and the time trip journey to the Edo period by joining this pleasant one day tour! Note: The price does not include train and bus transportation. ※Maximum weight for cycling: 110kg.