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How much do you know about teddy bears? Get better acquainted with your cuddly childhood companion at the Izu Teddy Bear Museum. This museum in Shizuoka is home to teddies from all over the world, including Teddy Girl, one of the world's most expensive teddy bears!


  • Meet Teddy Girl, a rare, antique bear made in 1904 that's one of the world's most expensive teddy bears
  • Enjoy a special exhibit featuring My Neighbor Totoro characters, including a Catbus that you can climb into
  • Learn about the history of the teddy bear, and pick up interesting trivia about teddy bears
  • Get an up-close look at an extensive collection of teddy bears from all over the world
  • Make your own teddy bear, or watch how a teddy bear is made

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Important Information

• Entry is free for guests under 5 years old or over 76 years old • Your ticket does not guarantee skip-the-line entry; you might have to wait if there is a line


Did you know that the teddy bear is named after the 26th president of the United States Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, and that it was developed at around the same time in both the USA and Germany? Learn all these and more about your cuddly childhood friend at the Izu Teddy Bear Museum in Shizuoka! Designed in a nostalgic, old-English style, the Izu Teddy Bear Museum is for anyone who wants to spend a day surrounded by teddy bears, regardless of age. On its first floor, meet the museum’s collection of 1,000 teddy bears gathered from all around the world. See teeny-tiny bears measuring just a millimeter tall, to towering three-meter-tall bears. While various rare teddy bears call the museum home, the star here is Teddy Girl, a multi-million antique teddy which sold for about 18 million JPY (about 110,000 GBP) at Christie's in London in 1994. Teddy Girl was one of the very few surviving bears from 1904 that was made by Steiff, the Germany-based company that created the original teddy bear. She was originally bought for Colonel Robert “Bob” Henderson in 1904 for his birthday, and accompanied Henderson throughout his career as a colonel in the British Army as his favorite bear. Now well over a century old, this cinnamon-colored plush toy is one of the world's most expensive teddy bears! With a new expansion to the building in July 2020, the museum now also has a workshop in which you can make your own teddy bear (with prior registration), a factory where you can watch the stuffed animals being made, and an expanded gift shop where you can shop for souvenirs. If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, don’t miss the museum’s special exhibit, which features My Neighbor Totoro stuffed toys — including a Catbus that even adults can climb into!

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