Uji Natural Hot Spring Genji-no-Yu Onsen E-Tickets in Uji, Kyoto


Visit Genji-no-Yu, the only natural hot spring in the historic city of Uji, Kyoto. Named after the hero of The Tale of Genji, this onsen resort offers luxurious indoor and outdoor baths, spa treatments, and excellent food.


  • Book now and visit any time in the next six months
  • Relax in four indoor and outdoor baths, including a carbonated spring
  • Enjoy Chinese- and Finnish-style saunas
  • Tuck into a delicious Japanese meal made with fresh seasonal ingredients
  • Chill out in the tatami-floored rest area and library

Key Information

Important Information

• Tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of reservation • Tickets may not be transferred, resold, or refunded. Tickets that are transferred or resold will be considered invalid and admission may be denied • Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons • Please present the ticket screen on your smartphone on the day of the event. Please note that printed tickets or displays on non-smartphone devices such as tablets may not be accepted for admission (*Please confirm in advance that your smartphone can connect to the Internet before entering) • Children aged 3 and under can enter free of charge • Guests wearing diapers (including swimming diapers) are not permitted to enter the changing rooms and bathrooms • Guests in wheelchairs must be accompanied by a caregiver • Bathing while wearing swimsuits or towels is prohibited • Guests of elementary school age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian • In accordance with Kyoto Prefecture ordinance, persons over 7 years old are not allowed to enter bathhouses of the opposite sex • Please pour some of the hot bath water on yourself to allow your body to become accustomed to the temperature before soaking in the baths • Please refrain from diving, jumping, and swimming in the baths • Please remove jewelry and glasses in the baths and sauna • Please refrain from bringing in food and beverages (*Exceptions are made for guests with baby food or food allergies) • Pets, including guide dogs, are not permitted • Smoking is not permitted in the entire building. Please smoke in designated areas • Do not take pictures in the changing rooms, bathrooms, toilets, or changing rooms • Persons who are not feeling well or who are undergoing treatment for contagious diseases or skin diseases are not permitted to bathe • Intoxicated people, gangsters, their associates, and people with tattoos (including stick-ons and bodypaint) are strictly prohibited from entering The building has the following facilities: • Outdoor and indoor baths • Sauna • Showers • Restaurant • Relaxation corner • Resting area • Drinking area (drink counter) • Lockers for storing valuables • Changing rooms • Powder room • Vending machines • Shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, etc. • Towels


Situated between the two ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara, Uji has long been associated with courtly luxury. It’s home to some of the best matcha green tea in Japan, and is also the setting for the final chapters of Japan’s national novel, The Tale of Genji. Genji-no-Yu takes its name from this classical protagonist and is the only natural onsen in Uji. Its baths are fed by natural hot springs 1111 meters underground. This spring water is high in salt, and is said to promote fast healing of scratches. It’s also known for keeping bathers warm for longer than freshwater. Guests have the choice between four baths, both indoor and outdoor — all set in a traditional Japanese building surrounded by beautiful gardens. One of these is Kyoto’s first “nano-carbonated bath,” which offers a unique moisturizing effect alongside a delightfully bubbly sensation! For extra heat therapy, the resort also offers two saunas. The Finnish-style sauna offers a bracing experience with hot stones and steam, while the Chinese sauna includes herbs and salt, said to improve one’s constitution and skin. A number of spa treatments, like massage and reflexology, are also available for an additional fee. Alongside the relaxation facilities, Genji-no-Yu offers excellent Japanese and Korean dining at Restaurant Beniya. In particular, the restaurant is known for its hotpot dishes, which feature seasonal vegetables and specially raised local pork. With this e-ticket, there’s nothing to print, and no need to make reservations in Japanese. Even better, it’s valid for six months, so you can be flexible with your visit. Book now to relax after a visit to beautiful, culture-rich Uji!

How it works

1. This ticket is a flexible ticket that allows you to experience the program whenever you want within 6 months from the date of reservation. You can visit anytime within the validity period after your reservation, so you cannot specify the date and time of admission 2. After booking your ticket, an e-ticket will be sent to your registered e-mail address 3. When you arrive at Genji-no-Yu, please present your e-ticket on your cell phone at the reception counter and enter

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