Hakone-en Aquarium E-Tickets


Take a plunge into the wonders of the underwater world at Hakone-en Aquarium. Let playful Baikal seals and over 30,000 other graceful and fascinating marine animals keep you enraptured for hours!


  • Watch feeding demonstrations
  • Flexible e-tickets — valid for up to six months from date of purchase
  • Visit Japan’s highest aquarium, where diverse marine life awaits
  • See adorable Baikal seals do funny tourist impressions

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• This ticket is a flexible ticket. A flexible ticket is a ticket that allows you to experience the program whenever you want within 6 months from the date of reservation. You can visit anytime within the validity period after your reservation, so you cannot specify the date and time of admission. There are two easy steps from reservation to admission! Step 1 After booking your ticket, an e-ticket will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Step 2 Upon arrival at Hakone-en Aquarium, please present your e-ticket on your smartphone at the ticket counter and enter the aquarium. • Tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of reservation • Tickets may not be transferred, resold, or refunded. Tickets that are transferred or resold will be considered invalid and admission may be denied • Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons • Admission is free for children under 3 years old • Please present the ticket screen on your smartphone on the day of the event. Please note that printed tickets or displays on non-smartphone devices such as tablets may not be accepted for admission (Please confirm in advance that your smartphone can connect to the Internet before entering the museum) • The entire museum is wheelchair accessible • Diaper changing sheets for babies are available in the restrooms of the museum


Experience life underwater on the shores of Lake Ashinoko! Home to more than 32,000 sea and freshwater creatures of 450 species, Hakone-en Aquarium will take you on a magical tour through the world’s oceans and rivers. Its exhibits are split into three main zones: the Baikal Seal Plaza, the Seawater Pavilion, and the Freshwater Pavilion. At Baikal Seal Plaza, you can observe Baikal seals — one of the world’s smallest seals, and the only one to live completely freshwater — from an observation deck. As the highest aquarium in Japan, its elevation allows it to take advantage of the cool climate to house the seals in an outdoor pool. Watch the impish seals entertain with amusing impressions of vacationers, such as bathers in an onsen — complete with a wooden bucket, a bottle of sake, and a towel on their heads. At the Seawater Pavillion, said to be Japan’s highest saltwater aquarium, marvel at a seven-meter-tall tank housing a sunken vessel and schools of colorful saltwater fish within. Look out for rare fish from the Amazon River, and appearances by divers who enter the tank for the daily feeding. You’ll also get to see other fascinating creatures such as Japanese spider crabs, sharks, jellyfish in an atmospheric illuminated tank, penguins, a beluga whale, and the African lungfish — a prehistoric fish sometimes referred to as “living fossils.” Book now to discover the wonders of life beneath the sea at Hakone!

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