Take an Online Tour of Takayama, Gifu With a Local Guide


Tour traditional Takayama from the comfort of your home with an English-speaking local guide! Located in Gifu Prefecture, this former castle town is rich in history, scenery, and culture; it's also one of Gifu's most popular sightseeing areas.


  • Stroll around the scenic old-school town of Takayama without leaving home
  • Learn about Takayama's history, culture, specialties, and more from your friendly guide
  • The perfect introduction to Takayama for those who plan to visit in the future
  • Flexible options — we offer a wide range of start times and can conduct this tour on a variety of video-calling apps

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Important Information

• All prices are per person: when booking, please select the actual number of people joining, regardless of the number of devices used • A reduced rate is available for groups of 11 or more; the maximum group size is 49 • All times listed are in JST, Japan Standard Time (UTC +09:00); please book accordingly • Due to time differences, please give us enough time to get back to you; we do not recommend booking this tour at the last minute • This is a live online experience; participants should have a fast, stable internet connection • Please be sure to install the required video-calling app on your device in advance • Note that for groups of 10 or more participants we will use Skype, and we do not use Zoom --- - Please ensure your internet connection is fast enough for video calls; we cannot offer refunds in case of connectivity issues - Recording the experience or sharing access with unregistered guests is strictly prohibited - Please be punctual: latecomers may not be able to experience all parts of the tour; the tour will also not be extended to accommodate latecomers; if you are late by 10 minutes or more, the online tour may be canceled at your guide's discretion, and no refunds will be issued - For group tours: * We will not issue any refunds if there are absent members on the day of your tour * We will not restart the tour from the beginning to accommodate latecomers --- Note: For groups of 10 or more participants, we will use Skype. We do not use Zoom


Tour Gifu Prefecture's Takayama with a friendly English-speaking guide — all without leaving your home! Also known as Hida-Takayama ("Hida" refers to the part of Gifu that Takayama belongs to), this former castle town flourished in the Edo period (1603–1867). To this day, parts of Takayama still look like relics of the past, with old wooden structures, traditional storefronts, a scenic bridge, and more. Strolling around town, you'll feel like you've been transported back to ancient Japan — or like you're in a samurai period drama! This tour has two courses, lasting 20 and 45 minutes. The short standard course will take you on an online stroll of old-school Takayama, passing through the townscape, the strikingly photogenic Nakabashi Bridge, and the well-preserved Takayama Jinya — the only magistrate's office in Japan with the main building still standing. The longer 45-minute course includes all locations on the standard course, plus more detailed explanations and a "visit" to Yamazakura Shrine. There, you can learn about Shinto and get an up-close look at the shrine's decorations and fixtures — a testament to the Hida region's long history of skilled craftsmanship.

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1. Please read the Important Information and Activity Rules carefully before booking 2. Choose your preferred course and the number of participants who will join the experience 3. Choose your preferred date and time, in the time zone of the experience host: JST (UTC +09:00) 4. During checkout, let us know your preferred video-calling app (Facetime, WhatsApp, LINE, or Skype) 5. After agreeing on the date and time, your host will send the link for your online experience by email with additional details 6. Make sure you have the software, hardware, and any required items listed under What to Bring, plus a stable internet connection

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