Okinawa Diving — Half-Day Tour From Naha to the Keramas


Go diving in the beautiful Kerama Blue — the clear, vivid blue waters around the Kerama Islands. This half-day tour from Naha will take you to gorgeous dive sites around the islands to meet colorful fish and see coral reefs!


  • Instruction provided; first-timers are welcome
  • Meet friendly tropical fish and even sea turtles!
  • Your knowledgeable guide will point out the unique marine creatures around the Kerama Islands to you
  • Ride a boat outfitted with a waterslide, a water cannon, a diving board, and a climbing rope

Key Information

Important Information

• This tour requires at least 5 participants. If the minimum number of participants is not reached by the day before the tour, the tour may be canceled or its itinerary may change. In this case, we will inform you in advance • We will not cancel the tour due to light rain • If we have to cancel the tour or change its itinerary due to inclement weather or other reasons, we will inform you by the day before - Participants must be aged 10 or older - Participants aged 17 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian - If any of the following apply, please obtain a doctor's note in order to participate - Parkinson's disease, asthma, nasal (sinus) problems, spontaneous pneumothorax, severe pneumonia, hyperventilation syndrome, other respiratory problems, diabetes, angina pectoris, high/low blood pressure, dizziness, unconsciousness, other circulatory problems, emotional instability, allergies including medications, motion sickness, imbalance, frequent stomach cramps, frequent severe headaches frequent stomach cramps, frequent severe headaches, regular use of sleeping pills or drugs, current infection with infectious diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis, hay fever, regular medication, irregular heartbeat, palpitations, claustrophobia, alcoholism, hearing loss - People with epilepsy or full dentures cannot participate - People under the influence of alcohol cannot participate - Pregnant women cannot participate - If you have concerns about other health issues, please message us via the Dashboard. You may need to present a doctor's note to join - Participants must wait at least 12–18 hours after diving before traveling on an airplane to prevent decompression sickness - Participants must wear a wetsuit during the activity Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Discover the beauty of the Kerama Islands on this half-day diving tour departing from Naha! The waters around the islands are so clear and blue that they're famously nicknamed Kerama Blue. The beautiful turquoise sea is also filled with colorful tropical fish and coral, which you get up close to on this diving tour. You'll first have a practice session on the shores before you enter the waters, so even first-timers and children aged 10 or older can join with confidence. Your guide will both lead the tour and help you take photos underwater, so you can leave with precious digital mementos of your experience. The boat that will bring you out to sea is outfitted with a waterslide, a special large water cannon, a diving board, and a climbing rope, so you can have fun even on the way to the dive sites!

How it works

• Joining instructions will be provided with your booking confirmation • Free parking is available • A free shuttle service is available; reservation is required at least 2 days in advance

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