Discover Akihabara as an Otaku (Anime and Manga Fan)


Please allow me to show you all about the Otaku (Anime and manga fan) culture in the anime capital of the world, Akihabara in Tokyo!


  • Visit Doujinshi (comics published by fans) & anime figure store
  • Lunch or tea time at maid cafe
  • Enjoy a Japanese "idol" show

Key Information


Everyone knows Akihabara is the Mecca of the anime and manga world, but navigating the busy streets of Tokyo can be intimidating for many why not take advantage of local Japanese tour guide (that's me!) and join the Akihabara Otaku (Anime and Manga Fan) tour? I'll make sure you see all the treasures Akihabara has to offer - from maid cafes to manga stores - and it'll be a trip you won't soon forget! Highlights of the tour: - visit Doujinshi and anime figure stores - enjoy a Japanese "idol" show - enter a maid cafe

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