Okinawa Night Snorkeling Experience in Onna Village


Swam in the seas of Okinawa in the day? Now explore them at night on this Okinawa night snorkeling experience. Held after sundown, this tour will let you into the mysterious underwater world at night, to meet glowing insects and nocturnal fish!


  • See Okinawa's underwater world at night, a completely different experience from daytime snorkeling
  • Meet luminous insects that glow like fireflies in the water
  • Perfect for families — children as young as 6 can join

Key Information

Important Information

• The activity may be canceled, or parts of the itinerary may change due to weather or sea conditions • We will not cancel the tour due to rain • Participants must be in good physical condition and aged 6 or older • Participants aged 18 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or present a parental consent letter • Participants aged 60 or older must present a doctor's note to join • People with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or otolaryngological disease cannot participate • Pregnant women cannot participate • People under the influence of alcohol cannot participate • If the guide has any concerns for your safe participation due to illness, injury, or any other reason, they may refuse participation in the tour


On this tour, you'll snorkel in the waters around Okinawa's Onna Village at night — a completely different experience than snorkeling during the day! As you swim in the waters after sundown, you'll get a glimpse of the mysterious nighttime underwater world. Come face to face with luminous insects that glow like fireflies in the water, as well as other nocturnal marine creatures that emerge at night to hunt. Skip the sunscreen, and book now for an unforgettable nighttime snorkeling experience!

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