Japanese Traditional Mounted Archery Yabusame


Yabusame, one of the most divine martial arts in Japan, consists of shooting arrows at different targets while riding a running horse. It is a traditional ritual designed to please the gods of fertility, and it has been handed down as a cultural tradition for about one thousand years. Learn Yabusame in this activity held in Ibaraki, about 2 hours from downtown Tokyo and great for a day trip!


  • Wearing a kimono, you can experience the traditional Japanese martial arts.

Key Information

Important Information

The activity will be held rain or shine. The activity will be canceled in cases of severe weather. The number of maximum acceptable people for this experience would be five a day.


The professional instructors of our famous riding club will teach you all the basics. During the first hour, basic archery like using a bow and arrow is taught. Afterward, you intensify what you practiced on the ground in the previous hour, riding on a horse! Yabusame will take you back to a former period of Japan! It will be an unique and energetic experience. Please note: Guide interpreters are required for non-Japanese speakers. It is not easy for inexperienced people to learn Yabusame. Complete beginners will begin with horseback riding practice. When they are ready, they will progress to archery practice. Please listen carefully and do as our instructors tell you as you might get injured or hurt someone else. ※The content of the current lesson plans may vary slightly from previous lessons. ※Interpreter included in the price is required since the current staffs do not speak English.

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