Take pictures dressed in a beautiful kimono in Kyoto!


We provide studio photographing for you to keep your best memories in Kyoto while dressed in kimono. We also have composite photographs that have famous tourist spots in Kyoto as a background!


  • Taking picture in a professional studio.
  • Can return the kimono at hotels in Kyoto city!
  • Total service by a professional stylist!
  • Just 2 minutes from the subway station, very convenient!
  • Reported by TV and News, worth to trust!

Key Information

Important Information

Hours of operation are 10 AM–6 PM daily. Rentals must be returned by 6 PM. Next-day return, or hotel pickup for rented kimonos or yukatas, is available for an additional fee, which can be arranged on the day of the activity. Kimonos will be provided in winter, and yukatas will be provided in summer.


This is a convenient and trustworthy kimono and hakama rental service in central Kyoto! Rent the kimono of your choice and pick add-on options such as professional hairstyle, accessories or photo session! General flow of the activity: ① Arrive and fill in a form for keeping the luggage ② Put your shoes in the plastic bags that we give ③ Choose your kimono ④ Putting on the kimono (about 30 minutes, assistance provided) ⑤ Taking photo in the store. ⑥ Free to go sightseeing while wearing kimono ⑦ Return the kimono (or at the hotel or the next day if you book the add-on option) and take your photo. ※ Please come back to store before 18:00 PM. ※ The flow above is an example and may change according to the situation. Thank you for your understanding!

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