Kushi-Kanzashi (Japanese Comb) Museum E-Tickets


Hair accessories have been worn by women in Japan since ancient times. At Kushi-Kanzashi Museum, you can admire the beauty of traditional Japanese hair ornaments and learn about the fine craftsmanship behind the pieces.


  • Explore the history of Japanese traditional hair accessories
  • See hundreds of artifacts on display, including contributions from famous collectors
  • Tour the surrounding scenic Okutama area after your visit
  • Easy access from the nearest train station
  • Open date tickets: visit anytime within three months from date of purchase

Key Information


‘Kushi’ means comb, while ‘kanzashi’ means hair stick — and so the Kushi-Kanzashi Museum is dedicated to combs, hairpins, and hair sticks from the Edo period (1603–1868) up to the late 1980s. Its extensive 4000-piece collection includes the entire collection of the late Chiyo Okazaki, a famous collector, and is exhibited on a regularly rotating schedule. You’ll find hair accessories made of materials ranging from tortoiseshell to ceramic, with the finest craftsmanship and techniques of the time. Many of the delicate combs, hairpins, and hair sticks feature ornate motifs of human figures, nature, literature, and the arts, which are carved, filigreed, or stamped in gold, among other techniques. Located on the banks of the Tamagawa river, the two-story museum also offers panoramic views of the river and the surrounding greenery from its observation hall. After your visit to the museum, you can also enjoy a walk and other nature activities in the scenic Okutama area!

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