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IMPORTANT: Before making an appointment, please send a message with your tattoo idea, size, color, place of the body and your time schedule. Sometimes it takes a week to draw a design, so please contact me in advance to talk about your tattoo idea.


Japanese tattoo is now established as one of the most renowned tattoo styles, and considered a form of modern art the world over. Most images used in Japanese tattoos have meaning and purpose, and it is hard to find an artist outside of Japan with full understanding of these. I have been tattooing for over 15 years in Japan and have specifically studied the Japanese style (Irezumi). In this experience you can get a real Japanese tattoo by a Japanese tattoo artist while staying in Tokyo. (I always use a tattoo machine, rather than 'hand-poking' my tattoos) Japanese style tattoos often depict subjects covering large areas of the body and take a lot of time, but you can also get a onepoint Japanese tattoo. The price will vary according to the size, place and detail of the design. Please check the price example which is listed below. Example prices: Onepoint tattoo/business card size is around 20,000 Yen; postcard size from 30,000 Yen. A sleeve or back piece will be charged for the outline first, and then shading: a chest or half sleeve outline is 30,000 Yen, full sleeve outline 50,000 Yen, back piece outline from 50,000 Yen. Then shading is 13,000 Yen per hour. When you book you'll pay 10,000 Yen upfront through the Rakuten Travel Experiences website. Then you can pay the rest of the balance at the studio, since the total price will depend on the size and design of your tattoo. There's no need to pay it all in advance for a big piece - you pay each time you get tattooed. Example times: A postcard size tattoo takes around 2-3 hours, and a half sleeve takes about 15-20 hours, but it varies according to detail and color. One session can be up to 8 hours. Available every day, but please message me before booking.

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