Shinjuku Godzilla, Samurai and Local Tiny Bars Tour


You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Shinjuku. Basically you can visit 3 places including a samurai museum, a Japanese local food restaurant and Golden Gai Street.


  • Photo shooting in front of the Godzilla head
  • Visit the Samurai Museum or Ninja Trick House
  • Eat Ramen or at a local Japanese restaurant
  • Drink in the tiny local bars of Shinjuku Golden Street

Key Information

Important Information

Food and shopping expenses are not included.


This is a nightlife tour of Shinjuku. 1) Godzilla Head In the beginning, let's take a photo with the famous kaiju king, Godzilla's head. 2) Choose One: 2a) Samurai museum Japan had 700 years of Samurai age. In that museum, you can view a Samurai armor exhibition, Japanese swords, and matchlock weapons. Admission fee: Adults 1800 JPY, Children 12 or younger 800 JPY 2b) Ninja Trick House In this house, you can touch ninja spy goods and know what is the difference between ninja and samurai. Admission fee: Adults 1100 JPY Open until 6:30 pm, closed Tue and Wed. 3) Ramen or Japanese Local Restaurant Before going to a bar, let's have a meal. In Shinjuku, there are lots of Ramen joints and local Japanese restaurants to choose from 4) Shinjuku Golden Streets There are lots of tiny bars, most of which has just a counter table and few seats. Each bar has an original concept including animations, novels, jazz etc. You can feel and enjoy the unique atmosphere. In this tour, you can enjoy unique Shinjuku and tiny local bars atmosphere. Please join me!

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