Online Lesson With a Kunoichi — Female Musashi Clan Ninja


Learn fundamental ninja skills from the only surviving clan to serve the last shogun. In this online class, meet a rare kunoichi (female ninja), learn the Musashi clan history, and train the physical and mental skills that are the basis of their art.


  • Learn fundamental ninja skills from an authentic tradition
  • Meet a kunoichi from a 450-year-old ninja clan
  • Learn to make and throw a secret flying needle
  • Practice the art of stealth rabbit walking
  • Experience kujikiri meditation for spiritual and mental strength

Key Information

Important Information

• All prices are per person: when booking, please select the actual number of people joining, regardless of the number of devices used • All times listed are in JST, Japan Standard Time (UTC +09:00); please book accordingly • This is a live online experience; participants should have a fast, stable internet connection • Please be sure to install Zoom on your device in advance


For the first time ever, the 450-year-old Musashi ninja clan offers an online experience introducing their fascinating history and traditional ninjutsu (ninja skills). In this 1-hour seminar, you’ll meet one of the clan's kunoichi — rare female ninjas. She'll introduce the history of the Musashi ninjas, and teach you the basics of three essential techniques. After initial greetings, you’ll start the session with a video presentation on the Musashi clan. Then your instructor will delve deeper, explaining the weapons and skills particular to their clan. Following the informational section of the seminar comes the practical part: three fundamental ninjutsu techniques. First is the “stealth rabbit walk,” a difficult but very quiet kind of ninjutsu step — you can choose to simply watch, or to try it for yourself. Then, you’ll learn to make a projectile weapon from simple materials: just paper and a pin. Practice throwing the “Musashi flying needle,” and then move on to the mental skill of the day: “kujikiri” (nine-symbol cutting) meditation. After the ninjutsu practice, we’ll have some time for questions and answers, so you can ask your ninja host anything you want to know!

How it works

- Ages 0–4 are free of charge - Please be punctual: the experience may be shortened with no refund if you are not connected at the scheduled time - Please ensure your internet connection is fast enough for video calls; we cannot offer refunds in case of connectivity issues - Recording the experience or sharing the Zoom link with unregistered guests is strictly prohibited

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