Enjoy Samurai Experience at Dojo in Tokyo




  • Learn the samurai etiquette
  • Learn the samurai "namba" walk
  • Learn to throw Bo shuriken
  • Wear a hakama
  • Learn how to use long and short swords using wooden swords

Key Information

Important Information

This is a 90-minute session with an English interpreter. (Our clan member) Our dojo is an active dojo for our clan ADULT members, and we want to introduce our traditions. So if a minor wants to participate, (s)he has to have an adult participating in the experience together. We think it's important to have quietness in dojo. For a child to participate in our training, (s)he is expected to understand the following: 1. Follow directions from adults. 2. No walking around in the dojo when people are training. 3. No touching the weapons without permission. 4. Inatentive people may be asked to leave. Let us know your heights. ------------------------------------------------------------- For early or late hour or private deals: Private instruction is available for 15000 yen per group.


This is a 90-minute session in a dojo. We have a history of 420 years in Tokyo. Our ancestors served the Tokugawa Shogunate government for 265 years as "jikisan hatamoto" (upper class samurai who could get direct orders from shuguns). At our dojo, you will learn to draw, sheathe and wield a Katana (Samurai sword), which symbolizes the samurai spirit. The samurai were well-trained, highly skilled warriors who served their lords with absolute loyalty. They lived their life according to the ethic code of the Bushido, where it states how samurai warriors should act in their personal and professional lives. You will gain insight into the samurai philosophy, along with getting to know the use of katana. You will also change into a simple kimono and a hakama to get into the samurai spirit. Below is the schedule that we plan to follow on the day. 1. Meditation 2. Demonstration by a Shihan (expert) 3. Change outfit 4. Bo shuriken experience (throwing stars) . 5. Drawing and Sheathing a sword 6. Stances Come to our dojo to experience becoming a Samurai! This will be a great experience for you to go back in time and learn about the Samurai and the Japanese history! We have an instructor and an interpreter/trainer for you in all of our classes. Licensed interpreter/trainer(s) provides top-notch, real time translation. Our workshop is for those who want to know more than just have fun. If you want to know our thoughts, history and tradition, you need a reliable interpreter/trainer with specialty knowledge. Our dojo can accommodate up to 10 people. If you want a private session, please let us know in advance. Please check our time-slots and give us 2 alternative dates/times besides your preference. ----------------------------------------------- For early or late hour or private deals: Private instruction is 15000 yen per group. Please book for the [Add-on] option in addition to your experience fee.

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