Reservation for Owl Cafe in Tokyo Japan (Official Partner)


Have an engaging animal adventure at an owl cafe, Tokyo’s home for feathered friends. Don’t line up for hours, don’t risk being turned away — book online and make the most of your time in Japan!


  • Meet and pet the cutest and calmest birds in town
  • Relax in the tranquil and therapeutic setting of a Tokyo owl cafe
  • Take amazing photos with the owls
  • Enjoy our Special Plan with souvenirs included!

Key Information


There are plenty of interesting themed cafes in Tokyo: maid cafes and cat cafes are the best-known among them. But there is another kind of cafe that's sure to get your attention: the owl cafe! A Tokyo owl cafe is a space where you can relax and interact with owls. You can not only touch them but also take photos together. Please follow the cafe rules, and bear in mind that the owls are sensitive animals. Most owl cafes require you to line up, perhaps for hours on end, in order to experience this “healing entertainment." So, if you'd like to escape the bustle of Tokyo life and try a uniquely therapeutic experience, but don't have hours to throw away, our Japanese concierge team are ready to make an advance reservation for you at a central Tokyo owl cafe, Japan’s favorite ornithological animal therapy.