Reservation for Owl Cafe in Tokyo (Official Partner)


Indulge in the latest themed cafe craze - Owl Cafe! Make a reservation online so that you can make the most of your time in Tokyo and avoid the risk of queuing for hours only to be turned away. Unique relaxation in the heart of Tokyo!


  • Meet and pet the cutest and calmest birds in town
  • Relax in the tranquil and therapeutic setting of the owl cafe
  • Take amazing photos with the owls
  • Enjoy a Special Plan with some special goods

Key Information

Important Information

- Please do not touch the legs or chest of the owls, or make loud noises or movements that could scare the owls. When approaching the owls please show them your hand first slowly, so they feel secure - Please turn off or mute your phone and electrical devices in the cafe - Flash photography & selfie sticks are not allowed - Please come to the cafe in clothes that can get dirty - This is a non-smoking cafe - Children can also interact with the owls, but they will be charged the same fee as adults. Those who do not enter the Owl's Room (including children) will be asked to order one drink (500 yen~).


There are lots of unique cafes in Tokyo: maid cafe, cat cafe, and gyaru cafe are the most well known ones. But there is another cafe that's sure to get your attention: The Owl Cafe! An owl cafe is a space where you can relax and interact with owls. You can not only touch them but also take pictures with them. Please follow the rules of the cafe and bear in mind that the owls are sensitive animals. Children can also interact with the owls, but they will be charged the same fee as adults. Most owl cafes require you to queue up, perhaps for hours on end, in order to experience this "healing entertainment". So, if you'd like to step outside the bustle of Tokyo life and try a uniquely therapeutic experience but don't have hours to throw away, our Japanese concierge team will be happy to make an advance reservation for you at an owl cafe in central Tokyo. After you make a booking with us we will apply at the cafe for 3 reservation times, and a few days before the requested date will get the result of your application and let you know the exact time and place.

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