Be a Ninja: Learn Five Basic Techniques


Find your inner ninja with this hands on experience. Learn 5 basic ninja techniques by a real professional in a ninja stable in Tokyo!


  • This hands-on experience will teach you the basics of ninja meditation and five basic techniques!
  • Wear Ninja outfits and get into the role if a Ninja in Tokyo
  • You will learn the heart of being a ninja and the tradition
  • Learn stealthy steps, ninja star, etc.
  • Enjoy some quiet moments with us

Key Information

Important Information

This is a 90-minute session with an English interpreter. (Our clan member) Our dojo is an active dojo for our clan ADULT members, and we want to introduce our traditions. So if a minor wants to participate, (s)he has to have an adult participating in the experience together. We think it's important to have quietness in dojo. For a child to participate in our training, (s)he is expected to understand the following: 1. Follow directions from adults. 2. No walking around in the dojo when people are training. 3. No touching the weapons without permission. 4. Inatentive people may be asked to leave. For early or late hour or private deals: Private instruction is 15000 yen per group. Please let us know your heights.


The Musashi (-Shibata) clan ancestors came to Tokyo over 400 years ago. As the Shibatas were shinobizamurai (samurai who owned ninja retainers), they could serve the government as heads of "Onmitsu" ninjas. In our clan we have crafted our weapons for over 400 years. You'll see some of the weapons hand-crafted by me and my father. In your session, you will learn what our novices learn in their first class. The schedule is as follows: 1. Meditation and an Embu demonstration 2. Change to a ninja outfit 3. Introduction to Ninja weapons 4. Practice Stealthy steps (core training) 5. Practice Entry level swordsmanship 6. Practice Ninja Star techniques 7. Practice Blowgun 8. Practice Kujikiri (meditation) technique 9. Photo time (Take photos with the ninjas) We have an instructor and an interpreter/trainer for you in all of our classes. Licensed interpreter/trainer(s) provides top-notch, real time translation. Our workshop is for those who want to know more than just have fun. If you want to know our thoughts, history and tradition, you need a reliable interpreter/trainer with specialty knowledge. ----------------------------------------------- *Please check our time slots and Give us alternative dates/times besides your preference. ----------------------------------------------- For early or late hour or private deals: Private instruction is 15000 yen per group. Please book for the [Add-on] option in addition to your experience fee. Musashi Clan Honjin Dojo location Across Tokyo Tower. Children : 5-11 years old. Anyone who is 11 or under must be accompanied by a participating guardian. Tell us your height and the name of your hotel upon booking. Our dojo facility can accommodate up to 20 people. If you want private session, please let us know in advance.

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