Tokyo Samurai Experience—Use a Real Japanese Sword at a Dojo in Machida


In this lesson, you will experience 3 types of swordsmanship: Iai, Gekken (Kendo), and Teshikiri (test cutting). In iai class, you will learn how to handle a sword, in gekken class, you will learn how to keep your distance with your opponent and how to attack and defend, and in cutting class, you will learn how to cut with the blade angle(hasuji). ~Experience Flow : Time may vary depending on the number of participants. ①Demonstration (3 minutes) ②Lecture on the sword (20 minutes) ③Change into practice clothes (10 minutes) ④Iai lesson (20 minutes) ⑤Gekken lesson (20 minutes) ⑥Cutting lesson (20 minutes) *We will prepare 2 straw polls per person, but please let us know if you want to cut additional straws. (Additional 2 polls: ¥1500 including garbage disposal fee) ⑦Receive a letter of recognition (5 minutes) ⑧Change into your clothes (10 minutes)


  • You can experience the beginner's level of three fields of swordsmanship: Iai, Gekken, and Cutting. Before the experience, a lecture will be given to deepen your understanding of the sword. In Iai class, you learn how to draw and insert a sword using a mock sword, and in Gekken class, you practice using a wooden sword to learn how to use the Sori (curve) and the Shinogi (ridges on a blade)of a Japanese sword. Afterwards, a mock match will be held with the Gekken sword. In the Cutting class, you will cut a rolled 2 straw polls to learn the angle of the blade and experience the sharpness of a Japanese sword.Photography is always welcome.
  • This experience is taught by a Japanese sword and Yabusame(Traditional Japanese horseback archery) master with over 24 years of experience. This experience is not entertainment or a street performance, but teaches real swordsmanship and spirit.If you want to experience it the right way and study the real thing, please join us.
  • Upon completion of this experience, a certificate of Toyama Ryu Bizenkai will be issued. Certificates are issued in Japanese for Japanese and half in Japanese and half in English for foreigners.

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• Since real Japanese swords are used, alcohol consumption is prohibited prior to the experience • With parental consent, children under 18 years of age are also welcome to try the experience • The maximum number of people in a private group is negotiable • Please let us know the height of each participant in order for us to prepare your hakama, the costume you will wear for training • For those who weigh more than 80kg, we will prepare larger-sized training clothes so please let us know in advance the number of participants weighing over 80kg


In this lesson, you will experience the beginner's level of the three disciplines of "Kenjutsu". Upon arrival at the venue , you will observe a demonstration. Next, there will be a lecture on Japanese swords. We will explain the various swords, how they are made, and I will actually disassemble a sword in front of you to deepen your understanding of the Japanese sword. After that, you will change into your practice clothes. Staff will assist you in changing. In iai class , you will learn how to handle a Japanese sword (how to draw, insert, and swing a sword). In Gekken class , you learn how to maintain an appropriate distance from their opponents, called "ma-ai," and when to attack and when to defend. Finally, in the cutting class , you actually use what they have learned to cut two straw polls with a real sword. Two straw polls are provided per person; please feel free to cut the first straw poll by yourself. If you do not cut well, we will give you some advice. If you are not successful, we will give you some advice and you can try the second one. If you can properly practice what you have learned, you should be able to cut the straw poll cleanly. Please experience the cutting quality of a real Japanese sword. Customers who have already experienced Samurai Lessons or Ninja Lessons are also welcome. We hope you will be able to tell the difference between the chanbara you see on TV shows, commercials, and samurai movies and real martial arts. Enjoy a quality, authentic Samurai experience.

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