Explore 5 Hidden Gem Eateries and Bars in Osaka


Soak in the ambiance of 5 different, incredible, local establishments, eating the most authentic food and tasting local drinks! Visit a restaurant, a specialized standing bar, a backstreet stall, an izakaya (Japanese style pub), and a street market.


  • Visit five hidden and authentic local stalls and eateries
  • Try exotic Japanese food you've never eaten before
  • Delve into the deep pockets of Osaka unknown to tourists
  • Venture into a world where local cuisine meets authentic history
  • See the whole spectrum: stalls, markets, izakayas, and specialized eateries

Key Information

Important Information

• You must be on time for this tour. It's best to arrive at 17:15. The tour starts at 17:30, and we must leave on time to meet restaurant reservations. • Vegetarian diets can be catered for. Please let us know in advance.


Enjoy dining on amazing food and Japanese drinks on this five-stop tour of Osakan cuisine! We'll explore the backstreet eateries and local markets of Osaka, explaining the ingredients and their relationship with the culture of the area as we go. Bring a big appetite! The Menu 1. Entree – Backstreet Stall • Oden (seafood, vegetables infused with dashi, Foodie Tour only). • 3 x Osakan big takoyaki (battered octopus balls) 2. Taste Testing – Local Markets • 6 x Gyoza (2 types, dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables) 3. Main Course – Standing Bar • Tonpeiyaki (bean sprouts and pork rolled in an omelet) (Foodie Tour only). • Large Osakan kitsune udon (noodle soup with seasoned tofu) bowl 4. Side Course – Izakaya Pub • 2 x Yakitori skewered meat, (Sauce and salted options available) (Foodie Tour only). • 1 x Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic drink • Nikudofu (beef and tofu stew) (Foodie Tour only) 5. Classic Eatery – Restaurant • 1 x Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic drink • 12 kinds of Osakan kushikatsu (lightly deep-fried skewers) (Foodie Tour only) • Taiyaki (fish-shaped filled pancakes) desserts (Foodie Tour only) Drinks include craft beer, sake, chuhai mixed drinks, highball (whiskey and soda), plum wine and cocktails. You will discover five deep unique eateries known only to locals on this group 3-hour food and drinks tour. This food walk goes through authentic, un-touristy arcades and plazas which are steeped in history, charisma and local charm. NOTE: Vegetarians can be catered for. Please let us know in advance. Get an inside look with our 3 professional tour guides over this 3 hour journey. • Andy, who is 39, half Japanese and half Australian. He's lived in Osaka for more than 12 years. • Luca, who is 34 and Italian (so obviously has a huge passion for food). He has always been employed in the food industry and is well traveled, having lived in Australia & Hawaii for 6 yrs. • Kevin, who is 38 and American. A former bartender and mixologist. All have extensive knowledge of the history, culture, and, of course, food of the Osaka region. We are excited to show you the best Osakan food!

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