Osaka Tour: Explore Osaka's Deep Backstreets (w/ Optional Dinner)


On this atypical Osaka tour, we'll explore the back alleys and hidden gems of Osaka while grasping its history! Visit abandoned buildings area, retro zones, and deep alleys offer a unique insight. Delicious side dishes at two stalls are included. A dinner option is available too.


  • An atypical Osaka tour: discover the hidden retro area of Osaka and be transported back in time
  • See some of the most amazing back alleyways you will ever see
  • Explore a Taisho Era historically preserved Red Light District
  • Visit an area with untouched, abandoned places which evoke an incredible ambiance
  • Option to eat a full dinner at a family run okonomiyaki or kushikatsu restaurant after the tour

Key Information


On this Osaka tour that takes you off the beaten tracks, we will explore the non-touristy areas where you'll lift the veil of "perfect Japan" and get a real, unfiltered, and deep understanding of Osaka. Note: I would NOT recommend this tour to all.....If you ARE intrepid, well traveled & seeking an authentic side of Osaka, this is for you :) First, we will get a taste of retro Osaka so be prepared to feel like you've been transported back in time to a Japan barely recognizable. Jump into retro video game parlors, pachinko, old-fashioned markets and so much more! Not too far away, you'll see how the locals entertain and get entertained by night — from unique games found in Japan and crazy fishing restaurants to a peek at Osakan theatre. Here, we will also go to two delicious stalls and try real local food. This area is home to some of the most amazing back alleyways you will ever see. There, you'll breathe and interact with neighborhood gatherings and authentic side street eateries, and take in the local energy while learning a little bit of the area's history. A stone's throw away, you'll discover an area that is untouched...left to form a mysterious ambiance right in the middle of the city. After we will stroll through a Red Light district like no other. Because it is Taisho Era preserved zone, it's literally like walking down a different era in time. A truly surreal experience! We'll tell you the history and the unspoken taboo issues of each and every location we hit, making it all relevant! Finally, you'll have the option to eat a full dinner at a family-run okonomiyaki or kushikatsu restaurant after the tour to reenergize yourself.