Learn Japanese Calligraphy and Make a Kanji T-shirt in Kyoto


Experience Japanese calligraphy, write your favorite kanji by yourself, and finally make an original kanji t-shirt as a permanent personalised souvenir of Japan!


  • Make an original kanji T-shirt by yourself
  • Bring it back to your country and wear your original T-shirt
  • Learn Japanese traditional calligraphy
  • Choose and write your favourite kanji, a Chinese character

Key Information


Japanese calligraphy – shodo (書道) also known as shuji (習字) is a form of calligraphy or artistic writing in the Japanese language. Our program consists of 3 steps. 1) Learn the history and basic skills of Japanese calligraphy. 2) Choose a kanji you want to write and print on your personalised t-shirt. 3) Make an original t-shirt by yourself with our instructions and supports. 1st step: We will explain the history of kanji (Chinese characters) and Japanese calligraphy. Then, you will try Japanese calligraphy. Before writing, you will make the ink by grinding an ink stick that smells like fragrant wood. Then we will show you the writing posture and how to hold a brush. After that, you will learn some basic skills such as writing horizontal lines and vertical lines. 2nd step: After practicing to write some easy lines or a character, you will choose a kanji you want to write and print on your t-shirt. Make sure to practice the kanji you chose many times and choose the best one. 3rd step: You will make an original T-shirt wiht our specialised equipment. We will provide support throughout the entire experience.