Torafugu-tei Restaurant: Tiger Pufferfish Course Reservation


Taste one of Japan’s most intriguing and notorious delicacies — ‘fugu’ (pufferfish) — at Tokyo’s Torafugu-tei. Enjoy premium ‘torafugu’ (tiger pufferfish), prepared in various delicious ways — take your pick from three luxurious multi-course meals!


  • Indulge in premium, fresh tiger pufferfish prepared by expert chefs
  • Choose from 3 different multi-course meals
  • Try pufferfish as sashimi, deep fried, and in hotpot
  • Pick from 7 conveniently located Tokyo branches to suit your itinerary

Important Information

• Seats will be randomly assigned; the restaurant is unable to grant specific seating requests --- • Please ensure you book for the correct number of people in your group • Please let us know the number of children in your group during booking • Children aged 0–2 may enter for free, but will not receive any free meals • Children aged 3–6 with no meal orders will be charged a side-dish surcharge of 540 JPY per child, to be paid on-site


Frequented by celebrities, the popular Torafugu-tei franchise specializes in ‘fugu,’ or pufferfish, an expensive Japanese delicacy. It doesn’t just serve any pufferfish, but the ‘torafugu’ (tiger pufferfish) — one of the most valuable species of fugu eaten in Japan. Pufferfish is said to have a delicate, subtle flavor, belying the fact that it’s — infamously — highly poisonous. The fish contains lethal amounts of a poison said to be 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. As such, only specially trained and licensed chefs can serve the delicacy, and licenses are not easy to obtain. Enjoy a value for money pufferfish dining experience at Torafugu-tei — try a range of fugu dishes without breaking the bank! Torafugu-tei offers three multi-course meals, and whichever you choose, you can try fugu several ways: as sashimi, deep-fried, or in hotpot. Available branches • Shinjuku Main Restaurant • Shinjuku Annex Branch • Shibuya Branch • Ginza Branch • Asakusa Branch • Ueno Branch • Ikebukuro Branch Note: All menus are subject to change depending on seasonal availability and other factors **Fresh Tiger Pufferfish Course** - Parboiled skin sashimi - Fresh torafugu sashimi - Fresh torafugu stew (hotpot) - Deep-fried torafugu - Rice porridge - Dessert **Kinfuku Course** - Small bowls (3 dishes) - Torafugu salad - Large-dish sashimi - Torafugu stew (hotpot) - Deep-fried torafugu - Rice porridge - Pickles - Dessert **Tokyo Course** - Parboiled skin sashimi - Sushi - Fresh torafugu sashimi - Deep-fried torafugu - Torafugu stew (hotpot) - Rice porridge - Pickles - Dessert

How it works

1. When booking, please select your preferred course, the number of guests, date, and time slot 2. At checkout, please indicate your preferred restaurant branch (please see the Location section for the list of branches) 3. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive your e-voucher together with your confirmation email 4. Your e-voucher is fixed-date, for a fixed time; it is only valid for the branch indicated on it. Please carefully check the details on your voucher 5. On the day of your booking, please arrive on time. Present your e-voucher (printed or displayed on your smartphone) 6. The time limit for dining is 2 hours

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