Guenpin Fugu Restaurant Pufferfish Set Meal Reservation

Guenpin Fugu Restaurant Pufferfish Set Meal Reservation

Guenpin Fugu Restaurant Pufferfish Set Meal Reservation


Try one of Japan’s most notorious delicacies: pufferfish! Taste it at Guenpin Fugu Restaurant, a popular ‘fugu’ (pufferfish) chain that serves tiger pufferfish, considered the best fugu breed. Enjoy it deep-fried, in hot pot, BBQ-ed, or as sashimi!


  • Try ‘torafugu’ (tiger pufferfish), a prized Japanese delicacy
  • Sample the subtle, delicate taste of the delectable pufferfish
  • Choose from a variety of set menus to suit your tastebuds
  • Go for the Shimonoseki Pufferfish set for highly prized fugu from the heartland of fugu culture
  • Book with us — we’ll take care of your reservation, and you can skip the line!


Take your tastebuds on an adventure at Guenpin Fugu, Japan’s largest pufferfish restaurant chain! With multiple outlets across Japan, including in Tokyo, Kansai, Hokkaido, and Okinawa, Guenpin Fugu is easy to locate. Pick a branch, then choose from five hearty courses, all featuring the fish prepared in different ways. Fugu is known to be a potentially deadly delicacy, as the fish contains a toxin 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide, with no known antidote. As such, only specially trained and licensed chefs are allowed to serve the dish. Experience the thrill of indulging in this dangerously delicious feast, safe in the knowledge that your chef is highly qualified and experienced in preparing fugu. At Guenpin Fugu, you can enjoy the subtle and delicate flavor of ‘torafugu’ (tiger pufferfish) — the highest grade of fugu out of the 22 species eaten in Japan. Five set meals are available (see further details in the Menu section below), and in each one, you can try fugu multiple ways: as sashimi, in hot pot, deep-fried, or barbecued. Whichever your pick, you’ll get to enjoy a sumptuous gourmet meal in an elegant and modern environment.

How it works

1. When booking, please select the number of guests, as well as your preferred course, date, and time slot 2. At checkout, please indicate your preferred restaurant branch (please see the Location section for the list of branches) 3. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive your e-voucher together with your confirmation email 4. Your e-voucher is fixed-date, for a fixed time; it is only valid for the branch indicated on it. Please carefully check the details on your voucher 5. On the day of your booking, please arrive on time. Present your e-voucher (printed or displayed on your smartphone) 6. The time limit for dining is 2 hours