Make an Onigawara Evil-Warding Roof Tile in Takahama, Aichi


Book this activity to learn about and make a unique handicraft called 'onigawara.' Designed to look like 'oni' (Japanese ogres or demons), these ceramic roof tiles are said to ward off evil. Listen to a short lecture, then make your own onigawara!


  • Learn about 'onigawara,' roof tiles designed to look like fearsome traditional Japanese ogres or demons
  • Work with clay to create your own onigawara in a smaller size than usual for more convenient shipping
  • Get a unique souvenir that you made yourself — onigawara tiles are said to ward off evil!
  • Treasure this durable, sustainable souvenir that can last for a hundred years — or more!

Key Information

Important Information

• It will take around 1 ½ months to dry and fire the clay; your onigawara tile will be shipped afterward. Shipping is not included; please pay on-site • The clay may crack while drying or in the furnace • COVID-19 prevention measures will be in place. Also, if the instructor will have a temperature of over 37.5℃ on your activity date, you will be contacted by 07:00 on the day, and you will be refunded • If you are worried about getting your clothes dirty, you can borrow aprons for free on-site Activity Rules - Participants must be aged 13 or older - Please do not bring children, and please move carefully; the venue is filled with breakable handicrafts - Participants will have their temperature checked before the activity starts. Those with a temperature of over 37.5℃ will not be allowed to participate in the activity, but will not be refunded. If you are unwell, please reschedule in advance


Meaning "demon roof tile," 'onigawara' refers to ceramic tiles designed to look like 'oni,' Japanese demons. Resembling ogres or gargoyles in appearance, oni are not necessarily evil, and can even help ward off evil — which is why, in ancient Japan, onigawara tiles were used for the roofs of temples, shrines, and feudal lords' residences! Artisans who specialized in onigawara are called 'onishi,' and they were well-respected for their work. In this activity, you'll make an onigawara that's smaller than the usual size, making it more convenient to ship and easier to display at home. Learn from a skilled onishi who's made onigawara for establishments in Japan and beyond. If you've traveled around Japan, you might have seen some of her creations without knowing it. You can even find her onigawara in Russia, at a high-end hotel with a Japanese garden! Excluding the optional, free pick-up service from Takahama-minato Station, this activity lasts for approximately three hours and is available all year round. Choose between two start times: 10:00 or 13:00. Sample schedule: 09:30 / 12:30 — Pick-up from Takahama-minato Station (optional) 10:00 / 13:00 — Meet at Iwatsuki Onigawara; listen to a lecture about onigawara (what it is, how it's made, etc.). 10:30 / 13:30 — Make your own onigawara 13:00 / 16:00 — Activity ends Please note that drying and firing the clay will take 1 ½ months. You will not be able to take home your onigawara tile right after the activity; it will be shipped afterward. Shipping requires a separate fee; please pay on-site.

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