Katsura River Rafting & Shower Climbing in Otsuki, Yamanashi


Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture delivers a bounty of natural beauty promising a refreshing combination of peaceful relaxation and exciting water sport, just one hour from Shinjuku Station by limited express train. Choose rafting or shower climbing.


  • Take in the beauty scenery along the Katsura River
  • Enjoy peaceful relaxation and exciting water sports
  • Challenge the rapids in a rubber raft
  • Climb river tributaries and small waterfalls
  • Share great fun with friends or family–a perfect date for adventurous couples!

Key Information

Important Information

- This experience requires at least 2 participants per booking - Please arrive at the station 5 minutes before the meet-up time - If you are late, you will not be able to participate - If you come by train, please search the arrival time in beforehand - Please follow guide instructions and refrain from acting on your own - The tour usually takes place rain or shine, but in case of high water levels due to weather such as a typhoon, etc., the host will announce a cancellation by 8 pm the day before your tour - Cancellation (at the sole discretion of the host) may be announced same-day in the case of a sudden increase in water levels


Less than 54 kilometers (miles) from Shinjuku Station by limited express train, Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture offers visitors the tranquility of natural beauty and the excitement of whitewater rapids and waterfalls. Sail with a guide in a rubber eight-person raft, as you paddle along the powerful Katsura River together with your boat mates. Ride this natural roller coaster of a river as you take in the scenery. Enjoy the fantastic scenery and a sense of accomplishment in shower climbing (upstream canyoning). Climb river tributaries and small waterfalls, traversing ravine walls and swimming through gorges. Jump into natural water pools and glide down natural water slides. The Katsura River is well known for its scenic gorges, splendid views, and excellent watersports opportunities. You can choose from the following courses! Half-Day Rafting (March - November ) This program includes 3 hours of white water rafting. You may choose to do the activity in the morning from 9:00–12:00 or in the afternoon from 13:30–16:30. Half-Day Shower Climbing (April - October) Enjoy three hours of shower climbing (upstream canyoning). Choose a morning tour (9:00–12:00) or an afternoon tour (13:30–16:30). Full-Day Rafting & Shower Climbing (April - October) Enjoy three hours of rafting in the morning (9:00–12:00), take an hour lunch break, then enjoy three hours of shower climbing (upstream canyoning) in the afternoon (13:30–16:30).

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