Honke Tankuma Honten — Michelin-Starred Halal Kyoto Kaiseki


Get a reservation at Honke Tankuma Honten—one of the most prestigious Muslim-friendly restaurants in Japan—with Rakuten Travel Experiences. This exclusive booking promises an exquisite Kyoto-style kaiseki course, or one of tender wagyu beef.


  • Get seated at Honke Tankuma Honten—reservations strictly required!
  • Savor Michelin-starred kaiseki cuisine in the distinctive Kyoto style
  • Experience the very best of Japanese halal food
  • Dine at ease with English-speaking staff on hand

Key Information


Certified by the Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs, Honke Tankuma Honten is, without a doubt, the place to go for anyone seeking halal-certified, traditional Japanese cuisine. This Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant is one of the highest-rated Muslim-friendly restaurants in all of Japan. Located by the Kamo River, Honke Tankuma Honten serves up Kyoto-style kaiseki, or “Kyo-ryori,” for a pure taste of Japan's changing seasons. Experience deep, intricate flavors found only in the finest ingredients, and brought out to the fullest by the mastery of the chef. Kyo-ryori focuses on fresh, seasonal vegetables grown locally, and emphasizes the natural flavors of the ingredients rather than masking them with seasoning. Honke Tankuma prepares their Kyo-ryori in a style they call “monmo,” meaning, in their own words: “preparing food ‘au naturel.’ Rather than adding flavor, savor the essence of foods.” Established in 1928, Honke Tankuma is perhaps the first- or second-ever restaurant dedicated to Kyoto cuisine. The third-generation chef Kumasaburo Kurisu uses techniques inherited from the restaurant's founder, while adding modernity to his dishes. In the words of the restaurant, “We do not make anything. We simply serve up the seasons of Japan's ancient capital.” Menu: **Halal Kaiseki Course** - Seasonal dish - Sashimi - Soup - Grilled dish - Simmered dish - Vinegared dish - Deep-fried dish - Rice - Red miso soup - Pickles - Sherbet or fruit **Kaiseki Course With Halal Wagyu Beef* - Seasonal dish (including sushi made with wagyu beef) - Roast wagyu beef - Stewed wagyu beef - Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef - Wagyu beef dish with vegetables - Wagyu beef shabu-shabu - Wagyu beef tempura - Rice - Red miso soup - Pickles - Sherbet or fruit