Make Soba Noodles & a Zaru Strainer at Minokamo, Gifu


At Minokamo City, Gifu, learn to make your own soba noodles under the guidance of a professional soba artisan, then enjoy the noodles for lunch. You can also learn to make a zaru strainer, which you can take home afterward!


  • Make your own soba noodles from scratch for lunch
  • In addition to making soba, you can also craft your own zaru strainer
  • Learn more about the zaru- and soba noodle-making processes from professionals
  • For lunch, enjoy soba with hearty side dishes

Key Information

Important Information

• Guidance will be provided via a combination of English-language materials and demonstrations • After the activity, the host may ask you for some feedback Activity Rules - Guests allergic to buckwheat may not participate - To maintain food quality and safety, your prepared soba noodles cannot be taken home; you will eat it for lunch - This activity is free for children aged 0–8, but they may not participate in the soba- and zaru-making. They will just watch next to their parents


Craft your own zaru, a strainer made out of bamboo. Experience this bamboo handicraft said to be steeped in centuries of Japanese tradition, with the guide of a professional craftsman. Unravel the process behind the beloved soba, made from buckwheat flour and one of Japan’s popular foods. Make the soba noodles yourself! Fret not if this is your first try — a professional chef will guide you. Prepare your lunch: boil your handmade soba noodles and serve them on your own zaru. Enjoy your lunch at Yadorigi, Ota-juku Nakasendo Museum’s in-house restaurant. Slurp the nutty soba noodles. Complement them with other dishes including vegetable tempura, a side dish, and rice. Book now and enjoy a day of handwork! Menu: Aside from soba noodles, you will have the following for lunch: - Vegetable tempura - A side dish - Rice Note: The exact menu is subject to change

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