Go Stargazing With a High-Tech Telescope on Kozushima Island


Discover the grand beauty of celestial bodies from Kozushima Island! Marvel at nebulae, the moon, planets, the Milky Way Galaxy, and more. Kozushima’s clear skies coupled with a high-tech telescope make for a breathtaking stargazing experience.


  • Experience stargazing from the idyllic and legendary island of Kozushima
  • Marvel at the Milky Way Galaxy, planets, the moon's craters, nebulae, and more!
  • Learn about the celestial bodies from a knowledgeable guide
  • Enjoy dramatic views of the island from either an observatory, a promenade, or a heliport

Key Information

Important Information

- Please note that the guide can only speak conversational English. While the stargazing experience will not be compromised because of this, please understand that the guide will be unable to go into detail on relevant topics of astronomy - In case of cloudy skies, the activity may be postponed for a few hours - The period of lowest visibility for stargazing is 2 to 3 days around the full moon. While stars may not be observable with the naked eye, they can still be seen with the telescope - Drinking alcohol before and during the activity is prohibited - Please dress appropriately during winter, since the winds of the season can be quite harsh


This unforgettable experience is sure to have you falling in love with the open skies of Japan’s National Parks! There are few experiences that can evoke a depth of awe and wonder as much as gazing up at a starry sky. From Kozushima Island, with the use of a high-tech telescope, behold the sight of the Milky Way Galaxy, star clusters, planets, and more! Kozushima may be part of Tokyo metropolis, but the nature-rich island of mountains and sandy beaches is a fair distance from Tokyo itself. But it's precisely its relative remoteness that makes the island a breathtaking destination. Swept by white sandy beaches, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, and covered in steep and lush mountains, Kozushima is steeped in legends about gods gathering on its mountain to decide the allocation of water. Deep in the folds of its nature and far away from the lights of cities, at night, the island's clear skies transform into something magical. Stars appear, thousands of them, filling the skies with their glistening light. While the stars can be appreciated with the naked eye, nothing can compare to observing them through a high-tech astronomical telescope. The magnifying power of the telescope and the clear views from either Miura Bay Observatory, Akasaki Promenade, or a heliport on the island, will reveal entirely different worlds. Behold the sight of the Milky Way Galaxy with its hundreds of billions of stars, marvel at the moon's craters and other planets. Observe nebulae — giant clouds of gas and dust thrown out by the explosion of a dying star — and seasonal constellations. Directly observing the stars and planets while learning about them is an experience that cannot be adequately put into words. But the impression of the universe’s grandeur and the realization of our small and humble place in it may stay with you forever. Book now and prepare to be in awe as you gaze at stars from Kozushima Island.

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