Train Your Inner Spirit On a Samurai & Ninja Training Lesson in Tokyo


I'll teach you "inner body sense", a type of meditative training that samurai and ninja practiced! It isn't a performance; it's an actual technique. Don't worry if you have no experience; I will teach you slowly and patiently.


  • Trial of katana and shuriken
  • Discover your inner body sense
  • Your spirit will become strong and relaxed
  • Visit a local Japanese martial arts dojo

Key Information

Important Information

- A minimum of 2 participants is required for us to accept your booking


We'll practice at my dojo, so please come to my gym in Nakano, Tokyo. For private lessons, let's start right away. But if it is a group lesson, first let's introduce each other and practice together! Maybe your image of samurai & ninjas is all about attractive actions. But the real techniques are delicate and simple. I will introduce them and train you. We will practice samurai training (iai & kenjutsu) for one hour, and ninja training (jujutsu & shurikenjutsu) for one hour. Finally, we will do zen meditation! The total time is about 2 hours. If you have special requests, let me know. I can customize the lesson.

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