Enjoy a 1 Day Private Tour Around Kamakura!


Experience authentic Japanese history and culture on this private tour of the ancient city of Kamakura.


  • See many historical and cultural attractions on this tour of one of the most popular ttrip locations from Tokyo
  • Depending on the season, you can see seasonal flowers blooming along the streets

Key Information

Important Information

Depending on the season and time allowance, we visit either Yuigahama beach or Myohonji Temple or Sasuke Inari Shrine. *Please bring money for lunch and for snacks *Please bring money to pay for admission fees for the shrines/temples. *Please wear comfortable shoes as you may walk a lot


As a popular sightseeing spot in Japan, Kamakura offers you wonderful experience to get a taste of authentic Japanese history and culture. You can visit many shrines, temples, and view seasonal flowers blooming along the streets! You may be able to enjoy seasonal festivals held at the shrines/temples we visit! 10:00 AM, Meet at Shimbashi or Shinjuku Station Around 11:15, we arrive at Hase Station. Visit Kamakura Daibutsu of Kotoku-in Temple Watch The Great Buddha of Kamakura! It is a statue of Amida Buddha, which was cast in 1252, the largest open-air Great Buddha statue in Japan. Visit Hasedera Temple (Hase Kannon) Hasedera is located on top of a hill. You will see the giant statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, and see the amazing view of the sea. The statue of Kannon is the tallest wooden image in Japan. It has 11 heads, each with different expressions to represent Kannon's compassion for all kinds of human suffering. (In Summer season) -If you love walking along the sea, let us go to Yuigahama Beach, located nearby Hasedera Temple. It is very popular beach spot in Kamakura. You can relax by sitting on the sand and enjoy the summer weather of Japan! Then, return to Hase Station. Lunch Eat lunch around Kamakura station after getting back there on the train! There is a wide variety of food you can eat. Especially, the local traditional Japanese food is highly recommendable! Relax and re-energize for your trip afterwards! Visit Tsurugaoka Hachimanguu Shrine You will walk along a wide, spacious high street named Wakamiya-Odori Street until you reach the most prestigious shrine in Kamakura, founded in 1063. It was the most important guardian shrine protecting the Kamakura government. It is a must-see spot which will take you back to Kamakura period! Visit Komachi Dori After visiting Tsurugaoka Hachimanguu Shrine, we enjoy strolling around Komachi Dori, which is the lovely shopping street full of traditional shops! You can purchase traditional Japanese sweets for snacks and eat them as you walk along there! *If time allows, Myohonji Temple or Sasuke Inari Shrine are recommendable spots to pay a last visit. Walk back to Kamakura Station around 5:00 PM. We will take the train back to Shinjuku or Shimbashi Station, reaching there around 6:00 PM. Estimated Cost for Transportation and Temple/Shrine Entrance Fee -Shinjuku to Hase Station (One Way) - 1140JPY -Shimbashi to Hase Station (One Way) - 1020JPY -Kamakura Daibutsu Entrance Fee - 300JPY -Hasedera Temple Entrance Fee - 400 JPY

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