Tea Ceremony Experience at a Tea Master’s House!


Enjoy a professional tea ceremony from a qualified tea master directly at his house in Tokyo! This will be a unique opportunity to learn from the very best in the field of Japanese Sado, tea ceremony.


  • Let’s enjoy Japanese Tea Ceremony with a very friendly tea master!
  • The tea time is about 2 hours.
  • You can learn about the history and manners by a tea master.
  • The master makes tea in front of you.
  • Then you taste Japanese sweets based on the four seasons and drink great tea.

Key Information

Important Information

In the case you hope to pick up at your hotel, additional fee is charged.


What is the Japanese manner? What is the mind of Omotenashi or Japanese hospitality? Enjoy Sado experience at the house of a tea ceremony’s professor. Sado or the tea cult is the traditional Japanese way of drinking tea in accordance with set rules of etiquette and Zen ideas. Tea was imported from China in the 8th century. The nobility took to drinking it at lavish parties and later appealed to the samurai in the 15th centuries. Generally tourists drink casual tea and sweets at some hotels or tea houses in Japanese gardens but with this tour you can visit the house of a tea master. It’s very unique and valuable. Not only you can learn the tea manners as guest from the instructor directly, but also you can touch the utensils or learn how to make tea as a host. The message from the master is, “I hope all of you enjoy Japanese tea” Don’t worry, if you are not good at sitting on the floor, they can provide chairs. Every manner has a meaning. After this tour, you can be an expert of Japanese tea culture. Generally available in the mornings except Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and August. Advance reservation is required.

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