See the Sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon in Japan — just outside Tokyo!


Ever wanted to ride a hot air balloon in Japan during a beautiful sunrise? Float elegantly through the sky while watching the amazing rural landscapes of rice fields below, on this early-morning Japan hot air balloon ride. Make wonderful memories or surprise a loved one!


  • If conditions are good, you can take a commemorative photo in the balloon
  • Hot air balloon Japan adventure — floating through the sky in harmony with the wind. The view of the world spreads to the size of the sky. It is a unique feeling that can not be tasted with other vehicles.
  • Let's enjoy the balloon even more with options such as champagne and shooting
  • From the preparation, touch the equipment of hot air balloon which can not be readily, and carefully explain the mechanism.
  • If conditions are good, you can take a commemorative photo in the balloon
  • If conditions are good, you can take a commemorative photo in the balloon
  • Another world above the sea of clouds; when weather conditions are correct, you can see a dreamlike scene

Key Information

Important Information

Passengers: maximum 20 and minimum 2 people. The basket height is about 1 meter and there is a small opening at about 50 cm from the bottom of the basket, so children that can stand on their own are welcome to join at the discretion of their parents. Time: 4:00 to 6:00 am *depending on season and sunrise. Flight duration: 30 to 40 minutes Clothing: Outdoor shoes and warm gear for the morning chill, depending on season. Your favorite and most comfortable clothes to enjoy the experience.


Through this breathtaking experience, you'll have the opportunity to see Japan in a unique way — from the sky! The morning of the flight, we will meet between 4:00 am and 6:00 am, depending on the season. If you can come by yourself to the agreed-on meeting point, we will meet you there and we can go together to the flight site. If your group is less than five people, we can pick you from your hotel around JR Koga Station. Please let us know in advance. At the flight site, we'll fly a pilot balloon to check the wind direction and speed and decide the launch site. This balloon is very important to determine the weather on the day. Then, you can join the crew in unpacking and assembling the balloon. On setting up the basket, we will show you the burner check, and you can try to grip the burner yourself. You may be surprised by its power! After inflating the balloon, you can step inside, take some pictures, and see how the balloon is constructed. This experience is not offered by any other Japan hot air balloon company. Then it's time for your hot air balloon Japan experience in Saitama! Balloon across the sky for 30–50 minutes and take in incredible views of rural Japan, with Tokyo in the distance. We will get airborne to catch the sunrise, with the best timing dependent on the season. We'll take you higher and lower, so that you can enjoy the varying altitudes as much as possible. After landing, you can join in with the excitement of packing the balloon as quickly as possible. We fly all year round. However, in the event of strong wind or rain the flight may have to be canceled. The minimum number of participants is two people, and the maximum is five. Free for children under 3 years old. Special Options (pay on the day) 1. Drink in the sky (¥3,000) We'll provide Champagne in the sky. Perfect for celebrating your anniversary! 2. Flight movie captured by drone (¥15,000) For unforgettable memories, We'll take flight movie of balloon. The unedited footage will be sent by e-mail after the experience. 3. Surprise (¥15,000) Do not you want to keep it as secret as possible when making gifts for loved ones? We will pick you up from the meeting place and guide you to the takeoff place secretly. When you reach the takeoff place we will already be waiting with the balloon standing up. With drinks and a photoshoot, we'll make your hot air balloon Japan memories unforgettable. 4. Rental car (¥5,000) We are preparing by the crew driving a car rental car from JR Tohoku / Furukawa station or Tobu Nikko Line Yagyu station by train or from the hotel near Koga Station. Please feel free to tell us. 5. Accommodation (¥4,000) We can accommodate up to three guests, with one room as a guest room where the crew will stay. There are k rooms, but the living room is like a room share. Please do not hesitate to come. · Amenities: Shampoo, rinse, hair dryer, towel, hanger, iron, washing machine, kitchen Information on address and check-in will be announced only to those who wish after booking is confirmed.

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