Take a one day private trip from Tokyo to Kyoto with a guide


Kyoto is an amazingly beautiful historical site. You have to visit it! This plan including sightseeing spots, cuisine, experience, etc, is made for you. Enjoy the four seasons at the former imperial capital which ruled the country for 1000 years!


  • You can request about 2-3 spots to visit among Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Sagano Bamboo Grove, etc. Note that time is limited.
  • Have lunch at a local restaurant. Tofu and vegetables are famous in Kyoto. Kaiseki meal is recommended.
  • You will acquire deep knowledge about Japanese culture, history and explore interesting places.
  • You can buy Japanese traditional goods, souvenirs such as Kyoto fan, Kimono, incense etc.
  • Have the opportunity to experience special activities such as riding a rickshaw or Jinrikisha depending on the locations.

Key Information

Important Information

There are two different pricing for peak season (March-April and October-November) and non-peak season. Please book an appropriate option depending on your desired tour date.


This is a private tour tailored for you, not a group tour. Encounter impressive and beautiful temples, shrines, castle from as early as the 8th century in Kyoto. About 20% of the national treasures are located there. There are 17 temples and shrines registered as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Leave the guide to make plans or if you had any requests for places to visit, tell me. Usually two or three sites are available as a one day trip. Especially in the case of big temples or shrines, two places are enough for the available time. Example tour: Meet at Tokyo Station at 9 am Go to Kyoto by bullet train (Shinkansen) Visit by local train one of the world heritage temples, famous for its beautiful Japanese garden. Enjoy natural views including Arashiyama mountain and the bamboo forest by riding a Jinrikisha. Have lunch at local restaurant at 1 pm. Go to another famous temple by train, walking or taxi. Encounter the marvelous Buddhist art culture, or go to Nijo Castle which dates from the 16th century. Take a break with green tea and sweets. Buy box meal for supper on the Shinkansen. Arrive back at Tokyo Station at 19-20:00 pm. Depending on the season, the recommendable temple or shrine are different. There are many tourists and Kyoto is very crowded in spring and autumn. It is not guaranteed how many places you can visit. Note: Please book the add-on "Extra fee for high season" if your trip is in the autumn color season (November) or during the sakura cherry blossom season (mid-March to mid-April).

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