Samurai Sword Backstage Forge Visit in Gifu near Kyoto


Samurai used 'katana' (traditional Japanese swords) during ancient and feudal times in Japan. Observe the katana making process directly and gain unique insight into a tool that played an essential role in Japanese history.


  • Watch a genuine Japanese swordsmith at work
  • Gain insight into authentic Japanese culture and tradition
  • Enjoy a uniquely authentic experience unlike any other in Japan

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Important Information

- Pick-up service from Gifu-Hashima Station is available for up to five people. If your group has more than 5 people, please take a cab or walk to the workshop (10 – 15 minutes on foot).


Authentic katana—the traditional Japanese swords used by samurai during ancient and feudal times in Japan—are extremely rare and very difficult to find these days, and it is even more rare and difficult to learn how these traditional samurai swords are made. In this experience, you will get to feel the texture and weight of tools used to make katana. If you are into Japanese history or culture, you may have some basic knowledge of katana, for example, how or what they are made from, however, it is nearly impossible to truly understand katana without feeling the fire and steel from which they emerge. Here, you will be able to observe the oldest and best katana making process in the world with English explanation provided by Taro, an internationally known Japanese swordsmith. Travel to a traditional Japanese forge near Gifu-Hashima Station, just 30 minutes from central Kyoto by train. If you are in Japan for any of the following reasons, this is the perfect experience for you: - Gaining insight into authentic Japanese culture and traditions - Creating unforgettable memories in Japan - Broadening your world through culture - Chatting with a genuine Japanese swordsmith - Learning more about the history and secrets about Japanese katana

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