Tea Ceremony at a Beautiful Japanese Garden




  • Experience authentic tea ceremony with tea and Japanese sweets.
  • tea house is located at the national beautiful Japanese garden
  • You can visit a Bonsai garden as well
  • You can enjoy the experience with local people
  • The view of pond, bridge, a house for resting is very beautiful!

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Meeting at the reception of your hotel is additionally charged.


What is the Japanese manner? What is the mind of Omotenashi or Japanese hospitality? If you would like to know those, here is the best experience for you, Sado experience at the tea house of beautiful Japanese garden and visiting Bonsai museum of the National park. How about enjoying tea ceremony with Japanese ordinaries. Tea was imported from China in the 8th century. The nobility took to drinking it at lavish parties and later appealed to the samurai in the 15th centuries.  3 hours Sado or the tea school is the traditional Japanese way of drinking tea in accordance with set rules of etiquette and Zen ideas. There are some rooms for that. What is the seasonal hospitality? Walking through the huge park and take tea ceremony about one hour and later enjoy Bonsai or dwarf trees museum as well. This is tree’s art form in a pot through a process of cultivating for decades, even centuries. The Spanish ex-Prime minister is a big fun.

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