Take a Japanese Sake brewery guided tour at Saijo, Hiroshima


Visit the sake breweries at Saijo, one of the three famous sake brewery districts in Japan, the others being Fushimi in Kyoto and Nada in Kobe. You can enjoy tasting a variety of fresh sake in each brewery, and see historic streets and houses.


  • Visit the sake breweries at Saijo
  • Enjoy tasting Sake in each brewery
  • See the old historic streets near Hiroshima

Key Information

Important Information

Due to the current situation now prevailing, some breweries stop offering free and/or charged tasting at present.


There are seven Japanese Sake breweries at Saijo, Hiroshima, within a kilometer distance south of JR Saijo Station, alongside the old western Japan road Sanyodo. Unlike the winery or brewery tours in other areas, a car is not necessary for this one. Two hours on foot is enough to visit all the breweries. You can enjoy tasting sake in each brewery as you wish, without worrying about transportation. A certified national guide as well as sake sommelier will help you appreciate not only sake but also Saijo, a town known for its historic streets and houses, as well as the food and sweets related to sake. Detailed information about the tour: 1) Available days: Every day 2) Hours: any 2 hours between 10:00 and 15:00 3) Meeting Place: JR Saijo Station Note: There is a possibility that some breweries are closed at the time of the tour due to their business calendar, etc.

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