Ride the Hiruzen Highland Cycling Course on a Guided Tour


Explore and experience the roadways, scenic pastures, and breathtaking landscapes of Japan’s finest bicycle-only road, the Hiruzen Highland Cycling Course.


  • Take in the park's scenic highlights and local culture
  • Experience a fun, leisurely cycle tour of Japan’s hidden gems
  • Get more from your ride with a multilingual guide option
  • Enjoy with family and friends any time of year
  • Discover the limitless beauty of nature as you ride through the landscapes of Japan’s National Parks

Key Information

Important Information

- This is an approximately 30 km tour, make sure to wear clothes that are comfortable and suitable for cycling. - English-speaking, Indonesian-speaking, and Cebuano-speaking guides are available as options during checkout (price is subject to change) - Due to weather conditions, changes or cancelation may happen on the day of the tour - Participants must be 115 cm or taller Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Looking for a way to slow down, relax, and forget about the pressures of work and daily life? Pedal into an exhilarating and rewarding journey around the beautiful Daisen-Oki National Park on this leisurely cycling tour! Experience some of the best scenic views, fields, green rolling hills, and various sights in the national park area of Hiruzen Highland, that cannot be accessed by ordinary sightseeing. This tour is made with your comfort and safety in mind. Choose your own ride from a range of first-class manufacturers' bikes. We have mountain bikes, cross bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, electric-assist mini vélo bikes, electric-assist mountain bikes, and tandem bikes. Gentle enough for beginners and children. Great for families and people with little cycling experience. Plus, you can learn bits of history and fun facts if you choose the add-on option of a guide who speaks English, Indonesian, or Cebuano. The course is approximately 30 kilometers and takes about two and a half hours to complete. It’s the perfect activity for anyone who wants to rejuvenate the mind and get their blood pumping. Aside from experiencing the nature of the Daisen-Oki National Park, and enjoying the vast landscape of Hiruzen Highland, we also provide courses that visit local shrines. Available bicycles include: • Road bike: a bicycle that leans forward and pursues speed • Cross bike: a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike • Mountain bike: a stable bicycle: off-roading is possible, not very fast • Fat bike: a bicycle with thicker tires than a mountain bike • Tandem: A two-seater bicycle. • Electric-assist mountain: a mountain bike with an electric motor to assist you • Electric-assist mini-velocity: an electric-assist bicycle with small tires Reward your eyes and enrich your soul. Book this exciting cycling tour today!

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