Authentic Kimono Makeover and Studio Photography in Tokyo


Enjoy the luxury kimono makeover at our friendly and homelike photo studio to make the best memory of Japan!


  • All kimonos are weaved from genuine silk. Bring out your Natural Beauty! Not Geisha style
  • Very convenient location! Only 1 minute from Meguro station, and close to Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Shinjuku.
  • Princess and Samurai makeover! Please enjoy the highest kimono style, “Uchikake” style
  • Solo, friends, family, couple, group, all can enjoy!
  • Data and photo prints given right away, and Green Matcha Tea offered after the photo session

Key Information

Important Information

Options are available for additional prints and digital images. (You can request on the day of photo session.) Optional services by a professional hair dresser and make-up artist can also be arranged. (Advanced reservation is needed. The price is JPY7,020, please pay on the day) -Mens' kimono (Samurai style) and kimonos for children are also available. If a child would like to participate in this plan, please let us know the gender and age in advance.


<On the Day of the Photo Shoot> The photo session lasts from 1.15 to 3.0 hours, depending on your selected plans and options. STEP1 Reception At the reception, we will go over your selected plan, help you pick out your kimono. STEP2 Preparation and Kimono Experience We will dress you in your selected kimono and do simple hair-setting with Japanese hair accessories. We have cosmetics here for free use. (Optional services by a professional hair dresser and make-up artist can also be arranged per your request.) STEP3 Photo Session Enjoy your photo session with authentic Japanese Kimono! We have various Japanese props. STEP4 Photo selection Choose your favorite poses on the monitor for printing and data saving according to your selected plan. Your photos and data CD-R will be provided to you right-away. STEP5 We will serve you Japanese green tea. Please enjoy Japanese culture and hospitality. Thank you very much for coming!

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