Try Off-Road Driving With a Toyota Car in Aichi


Want some adventure? Drive off-road with the latest Toyota cars! You'll also try the 'Tentoukun' experience, the first of its kind in Japan: learning to escape from an overturned vehicle. With instructors around, this activity is beginner-friendly!


  • Try off-road driving with the latest Toyota cars — choose up to two vehicles
  • Learn how to escape from an overturned vehicle in a safe simulation called the 'Tentoukun' experience
  • Safe and beginner-friendly — an instructor will board the vehicle with you

Key Information

Important Information

• An English-speaking staff member of the facility will assist you and provide explanations, but the instructor that will board the vehicle with you cannot speak English • Up to 2 companions can ride in the backseat during the offroad driving experience - Participants must be aged 20 or older - Participants must have a valid Japanese driver's license or international driving license


Off-roading, or off-road driving, refers to driving on unpaved ground such as dirt roads and fields. Try off-roading with the latest Toyota cars on this activity, which is available all year round! Start times are every 30 minutes from 10:00–15:00. The activity lasts for 1 hour, and roughly follows this sample schedule: 10:00 — Meet at Sanage Adventure Field; brief explanation 10:05 — Try the Tentoukun experience (escaping from an overturned vehicle) 10:20 — Drive off-road with your first vehicle 10:40 — Choose another vehicle and drive off-road with it 11:00 — Activity ends

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