Try a complete Maiko makeover in Kyoto


We offer not only kimono rental, but also a maiko makeover. Try to be a maiko in one day, and it will be your awesome memory and experience in Kyoto.


  • Try to be a maiko and learn how to walk like a maiko
  • Authentic maiko makeover experience
  • Catch a lot of memories and pictures while do the maiko makeover
  • Use the photo as a souvenirs for your families and friends

Key Information

Important Information

Indoors only *Kindly note that it is not possible to venture out in a maiko costume. This plan is for indoor only, including a maiko makeover and studio photos. Nevertheless, you can take photos with your own camera in doors at our shop. If you would like to go out in kimono, we recommend a kimono rental plan instead of a maiko costume plan. Belongings *Contact lenses case (for hard lenses): If you wear hard contact lenses, please take them off when we commence your make up. After finishing make up, you can put them on again. If you wear soft lenses, you don't have to take them off. *Your own makeup kit: Please bring your own makeup kit if you wish to re-apply after the maiko experience is completed. We remove the maiko make up however if you wish to apply daywear makeup, please bring your own. *Your own camera: you can take photos with your camera. Time Required Studio ■It takes about 2 hours for a Maiko makeover experience. Japanese House ■It takes about 2.5 hours for a Maiko makeover experience.


Maiko is female performing artists working in Gion area whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music, dance and games. A maiko is a geiko minor apprentice from the age of 15 to 20 before her adulthood. Our staff who used to be a maiko, will make you up and dress you up like a real maiko. Using her skill who was the maiko since years ago, she will teach you how to pose and dance like a maiko. This first option, Maiko Makeover Experience (Studio) includes the studio photography, and the second package includes the photo session in our new studio in Oike with a traditional Japanese style house. Why don't you take the pictures and give it to your family or friends as souvenirs?

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