Guided Factory Tour of Maruya Hatcho Miso in Okazaki, Aichi


Take an English-language tour of the Maruya Hatcho Miso factory, and learn about their two-year process of traditional miso making! Learn directly from the president of the company about this Aichi specialty still unchanged after hundreds of years.


  • Tour the famous Maruya Hatcho Miso factory with the company president!
  • See their traditional miso-making methods, unchanged for centuries
  • Learn recipes to incorporate miso in your daily cooking
  • Hear stories directly from President Asai, also known as “Mr. Hatcho”
  • Enjoy the historic townscape that shone as a stop on the old Tokaido trade route

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Available every day, with tours starting 09:00–16:00. Example schedule: 09:00 — Meet Mr. Asai, the president of Maruya Hatcho Miso, at their factory established in 1337. Take an English-language factory tour with Mr. Asai himself, and learn from him the history of Hatcho Miso. See the naturally fermented, additive-free miso being made by the traditional methods preserved for hundreds of years. As a Rakuten Travel Experiences exclusive addition to the tour, you can even climb up one of the huge wooden barrels that are filled with miso to ferment for two years, with 3,000 kilograms of rock piled atop them. 09:30 — Lesson on how to use miso in everyday life, combining it with light, simple meals. Includes demonstration, cooking, and tasting. 10:30 — Tour ends at Maruya Hatcho Miso Factory.

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