Airplane Piloting Experience in Guam


Ever wondered what it's like to pilot an airplane? In this experience, you'll get to fly one from takeoff to landing. Experienced instructors will give you easy-to-understand instructions and a safe experience. Book for an unforgettable experience!


  • Learn to fly a real airplane from takeoff to landing — no prior experience needed
  • Fly your friends around Guam — up to 2 more passengers may board the flight for sightseeing (extra fees apply)
  • Kids' piloting course for ages 3 or older also available (guardians ride for free!)
  • Add on a video filming service for a souvenir of your experience (extra fees apply)
  • Receive an original pilot logbook (an official record of your flying hours) after the flight

Key Information

Important Information

• If your flight will be postponed due to inclement weather, aircraft maintenance, or other unforeseen events, we will contact you to reschedule as soon as possible • You must bring along your official government-issued photo ID (passport or driver's license) to enter the restricted area of the airport to board your flight • The listed duration of the experience includes the hotel pick-up and drop-off time • All prices are per person • Federal Aviation Regulations do not allow guests who have gone scuba diving to fly within 12 hours of the last dive • Please do not drink alcohol within 8 hours before your flight • Only parents or guardians are allowed on Kids Pilot Course flights • Pilots must wear shoes with heels — no sandals. There are no restrictions on footwear for passengers


This is an introductory airplane piloting experience for people with no experience flying an airplane. Our experienced FAA-certified flight instructors will guide you so you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable flight from takeoff to landing. It's not every day you get to learn to fly a plane, so this experience is not to be missed when you're in Guam! Your experience (including hotel pick-up and drop-off) will last for around 90–140 minutes depending on the course you choose. Before the flight, your instructor will brief you on the flight route and how to control the airplane, and answer any questions you have about the flight. You can take pictures of airplanes and hangars, and if you are lucky, see a jet airplane right in front of you! Then, it's time for takeoff. Ease the throttles forward and wait for takeoff speed. Pull back on the control yoke, and you are airborne! Under the supervision of your instructor, you'll try climbs, descents, and turns. After you become familiar with controlling the aircraft, it's time to explore the beautiful island of Guam from the air. As your tour concludes, your instructor will also be on hand to provide advice as you land the plane. After your flight, you'll receive a pilot logbook, which serves as an official record of your flying hours. If you're considering to obtain your pilot's license in the future, the flight time logged within counts as part of your flight training! Kids who've tried the piloting experience will also receive a special souvenir after the flight. Besides the standard course, other courses are also available depending on your needs: 1. Training Course — This teaches you additional flight maneuvers, which pilots practice during their training. They include stalls, steep turns, lazy eights, and touch and go. 2. Long Course — You'll get to fly around Guam in this course, soaring over northern Guam and deep forest areas which are hard to access by car. Also enjoy breathtaking views of Cocos Island in the southern part of Guam! 3. Short Course — Short on time? This course still allows you to fly a plane in Guam from takeoff to landing, but is shorter than the other courses. 4. Kids Pilot Course — Young aviation enthusiasts will love this incredible experience! Suitable for children aged 3 or older, this course will give your child the chance to fly an airplane from takeoff to landing with assistance from an experienced instructor. Guardians can ride in the back for free or also fly the airplane for an extra fee. Grab your cameras!

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