Enjoy a Furoshiki Class with Shopping Experience in Nagoya


Learn the old Japanese art Furoshiki – wrapping presents and objects into a piece of silk cloth and go shopping for beautiful furoshiki for future wrapping during this 2 hour class.


  • Explore the art of Furishiki in many varieties
  • Learn how to do several different types of wraps for presents
  • Find out how to turn any piece of fabric into a gorgeous wrapping for a a present of any shape
  • Enjoy shopping for beautiful Furoshiki fabric
  • Amaze your family and friends at next celebration by presenting unusually wrapped gifts

Key Information


Furoshiki skill will revolutionize the way you wrap presents for your dear ones: forget the wrapping paper and instead use a beautiful handkerchief, which can make a great present on its own. Furoshiki features many different ways to wrap a present of any shape and size. The art of furoshiki does not only provide a beautifully and originally wrapped present – the wrapping itself makes a wonderful present and can be used in the future by the receiver for many purposes. We will start the tour at Fushimi station and head to a nearby shop for furoshiki fabric shopping. Here you will be able to buy many sheets of any fabric you like. After shopping we will go to Cafe Nagonoya and have the class. Length of the tour: 2 hours 11:00 Meet at Fushimi Station 11:10 Buy furoshiki together 11:30 walk to Cafe Nagonoya 12:00 Furoshiki lesson starts 13:00 end of the tour The price is per person, so if your group is 2 or more participants, please book the tour the according number of times.

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