A Deep Akihabara Tour


Akihabara is where you will find anything from vintage electronics, latest video games, favorite anime or manga figurines. Prepare yourself to be transported into the ultimate world of geek culture!


  • You will visit a Maid Café if you want.
  • You will visit an armory store that carry models of weapons such as Japanese swords.
  • You will visit a “Rabbit Café” (There are maids and rabbits in this café) if you want.
  • You will visit a “Manndarake" - まんだらけ- A store where you buy anything from Anime, manga, costumes, to antique goods)

Key Information

Important Information

If you'd like to visit a maid cafe or rabbit cafe, please pay the entrance fee for yourself and the host as well. Maid cafe entrance fee (1 hour) : 1000 JPY Rabbit Café entrance fee (1 hour) : 1300 JPY


Akihabara is truly a rare gem that must not be missed when visiting Japan. Initially it built its fame for extensive electronic shops but with the computer boom over 30 years ago, stores specializing in Anime goods and Manga started to develop. Now Akihabara has turned into a town overflowing with some of the most unusual and unique subcultures. This tour will give you a glimpse into the heart of Akihabara. The places the guide will bring you are the best-suited areas to fully experience the booming Akihabara cultures. These stores listed above are also places that are rarely visited by travelers – making this tour even more unique and authentic. In other words, through this activity, you can enjoy Akihabara differently than other tourists! *Notice* Please apply this tour at least one week in advance.

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