1 Day Tour Around Historical Sites in Kyoto


This tour will cover visiting the historical sites in Kyoto in one day!


  • Walk through thousands of vermillion torii gate in Fushimi Inari shrine
  • Have an awesome view from the famous stage of Kiyomizu temple
  • Stroll along Ninenzaka, Sannenzakato find lovely souvenirs
  • Learn about geisha culture in Gion
  • Pick some local food in Nishiki Market

Key Information


If you have not been to any historical sites in Kyoto yet, this tour is for you! This tour will cover visiting the historical sites in Kyoto in one day! Kyoto was Japan’s capital for over 1,000 years, and the historical scents of Japan still remain. Kyoto has a stunning collection of UNESCO World Heritage sites and also a geisha district. The temples and traditions are outstanding, but the food is also exquisite! This tour will take you to famous tourists spots in Kyoto in one day. A professional guide will show you around safely, while presenting you with important and interesting information about the historical sites and about the city in general. Here below is the basic itinerary but we're willing to offer a customized tour for you since it's your private tour ! 9:00 Meet up at Kyoto station (or your hotel by adding pickup service) 9:15 Fushimi Inari Shrine (60mins) - Fushimi Inari Shrine is an important Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto. - It is famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates, which straddle a network of trails behind its main buildings. - The trails lead into the wooded forest of the sacred Mount Inari, which stands at 233 meters and belongs to the shrine grounds. - Foxes are thought to be Inari's messengers, resulting in many fox statues across the shrine grounds. 11:00 Kiyomizu temple (60mins) - Kiyomizudera is one of the most celebrated temples of Japan. - It was founded in 780 on the site of the Otowa Waterfall in the wooded hills, east of Kyoto, and derives its name from the fall's pure water. - In 1994, the temple was added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. - Kiyomizudera is best known for its wooden stage that juts out from its main hall, 13 meters above the hillside below. - The stage affords visitors a nice view of the numerous cherry and maple trees below that erupt in a sea of color during the spring and fall, as well as of the city of Kyoto in the distance. - The main hall, which together with the stage was built without the use of nails, houses the temple's primary object of worship, a small statue of the eleven faced, thousand armed Kannon. Kiyomizu temple → Ninen-zaka-Sannen-zaka area → → Yasaka Shrine (90mins) - Just downhill from and slightly to the north of Kiyomizu-dera, you will find one of Kyoto’s loveliest restored neighborhood, the Ninen-zaka-Sannen-zaka area. - The name refers to the two main streets of the area: Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka, literally ‘Two-Year Hill’ and ‘Three-Year Hill’ (the years referring to the ancient imperial years when they were first laid out). - These two charming streets are lined with old wooden houses, traditional shops and restaurants. - If you fancy a break, there are many tea houses and cafes along this lane. - Yasaka Shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Kyoto. Founded over 1350 years ago, the shrine is located between the popular Gion District and Higashiyama District, and is often visited by tourists walking between the two districts. - You will have lunch somewhere around this area. - If you have any preferences or need a recommendation, feel free to ask the guide! - Gion is Kyoto's most famous geisha district, located around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo River in the west. - It is filled with shops, restaurants and ochaya (teahouses), where geiko(Kyoto dialect for geisha) and maiko (geiko's apprentices) entertain their customers with traditional dances, songs, and games. - Take lunch on the way 14:30 Nishiki Market (30 minutes) -Kyoto's kitchen where you can see and try Kyoto's traditional food, such as pike confer, carp and sparrows. -Nowadays the street offers many kinds of streets foods, not only Kyoto's traditional food, and it's a fun place to grab some food while finding some souvenirs as well. 15:30 Nijo castle (60mins) - A castle for Tokugawa shogun family, who ruled over Japan for over 250 years between 17th and 19th century. - The palace is an original one since 17th century and you can enter the palace to learn the relationship between shogun and samurai. - Ninomaru garden designed by a famous gardener, Enshu Kobori, is marvelous to see and in spring, it's one of the ideal sites to see plum blossoms and cherry blossoms. 17:00 Arrive at Kyoto Station Why we love it: - Don't have enough time to travel around? No worries! Visit famous sightseeing sites in one day! - Take a tour with a knowledgeable English-speaking local guide. - Strap on your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in Kyoto - You will never forget the beauty of Kyoto! - You will enjoy wandering around Kyoto with the professional guide, since the professional guide will show you around the area with important and interesting information, and also about the Japanese culture! - Don't miss this opportunity to travel around Kyoto in one day! - Since this tour is a one day trip, you can do other activities on the next day! Join this tour and make your trip unforgettable!

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